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How We Ensure Quality

An iterative approach is the key to quality assurance at QBurst.

Thorough Planning

Testing activities are guided by test scenario diagram and test plan. The scope, objective, and deliverables are decided prior to the commencement of testing.

100% Validation

With short and frequent iterations, testers get to test all changes requested by client during the development process.

Two-way Communication

Test scenario diagram is prepared in close collaboration with client incorporating their feedback and suggestions to ensure it reflects their vision.

Change Management

When requirements change, we can easily identify which test cases are to be redone from the traceability matrix.

Iterative Testing Process at QBurst

Iterative Testing Process at QBurst

Iterative Testing Process at QBurst

Test Deliverables

  • Test scenario diagram
  • Test specification/test cases
  • Defect reports
  • Requirements traceability matrix

Were all of your requirements implemented?

Requirements traceability matrix serves to verify if implementation fulfills all client requirements and ensure proper test coverage.