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Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

  • Openings at QBurst
  • Openings at QBurst
  • At the Entry-Level
  • Our Work Culture
  • Fun at Work
  • A Helping Hand

Our People Are Our Greatest Asset

Openings at QBurst At the Entry-Level Our Work Culture Fun at Work A Helping Hand

Openings at QBurst

Take your expertise to the next level as you solve challenging business problems for our clients. Explore and find your fit at QBurst.

Once here, be prepared for a thriving startup mentality, devoid of corporate drama, to drive innovation with razor-sharp client focus.

At the Entry-Level

Build up your skills and advance your career as you work with the latest technologies.

QBurst offers amazing growth opportunities for the right candidate. Learn about what to expect and what we look for in potential QBurstians.

Our Work Culture

Our Work Culture

QBurst has grown from a few to a few thousand. Yet, we have QBurstians who have been with us from day one. Ask them and they’ll tell you they never felt like leaving.

We are a flat organization with a positive, upbeat workplace culture where projects are tackled with passion and colleagues treated with respect. Hard work is expected; initiative and leadership are lauded.

Gear up to be constantly challenged in this fast-paced environment that values independence, critical thinking, and above all team spirit.

Fun at Work

Fun at Work

We are not a bunch of geeks who live and breathe technology. We are a team of multi-talented individuals who let our hair down every once in a while.

We may take time to unwind over a long, lazy lunch or relax on a day-long team outing to recharge ourselves. With hackathons, sports tournaments, theme days, craft shows, and cultural fests, we have our share of fun activities too.

Work or fun, you’ll never have a dull moment at QBurst. Get ready to rock the QBurst life!

A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

“Within our dreams and aspirations, we find our opportunities” - Sugar Ray Leonard.

QBurst's vision is to be a responsible industry leader that contributes to the development within the company, industry, and society at large. Our corporate social responsibility activities focus on improving healthcare and education, eradicating hunger, promoting gender equality, and contributing to development, rehabilitation, and reconstruction projects.

We work with local agencies, government schools, hospitals, and charitable organizations to aid the deserving in building a better future.

Think you’d fit in at QBurst?