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Be A Part of Our Team!

Our people are our greatest asset.

Recruiting, training, and retaining the best talents, QBurst has grown from a few to a few hundreds. And the good news is... we haven't stopped yet! There is always room for self-motivated tech enthusiasts at QBurst.

Work Culture

Work Culture

A positive and upbeat workplace culture where projects are tackled passionately and employees are treated respectfully—this is what you will experience at QBurst.

We are a flat organization and we strive to keep it that way. Ranks and designations do not stand in the way of innovation, leadership, and individual initiative. Creativity sparks, ideas mature, and solutions evolve in small collaborative teams. Hard work is expected, but we make sure to have fun while we are at it. QBurstians enjoy what they do and so they do it even better.

Gear up to be constantly challenged in this fast paced environment that lauds independence, critical thinking, imagination and above all, team spirit.

Celebrating life at work

Celebrating Life at Work

QBurst is not always work. A host of cultural events spice up our life here. From HacKnights to team outings and sports events, numerous activities draw us out of our regular office routine. The yearly bash that celebrates the spirit of QBurst tops the list. Our tech geeks break loose and indulge in their cultural talents, putting up entertaining shows for friends and family. Feeling rejuvenated we are back to do what we do best—building game-changing apps!

Checklist for Aspiring QBurstians

  • You have rock-solid foundation of CS fundamentals.
  • You are a generalist and know at least two languages.
  • If you don't, you are willing to learn it.
  • You know when to apply design patterns.
  • You are test-infected.
  • You think of application performance as a feature.
  • You have excellent communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Good sense of humor; you will need it when the going gets tough.

If you have mostly ticks and not crosses, you might want to check out our current openings.

What Employees Say

  • QBurst provides me with an amazing learning experience and an opportunity to get acquainted with the latest technologies and platforms. A wonderful environment to work in, where ideas are encouraged and relationships made.

    Sandeep Pradeep

    Associate Principal Engineer, QA
  • I consider myself lucky working in QBurst. I've been enjoying work life ever since I joined QBurst. Here we have a lot of opportunities to learn and to work with wonderful people.

    Karthik Gopalakrishnan

  • Out-of-the-box thinking is encouraged. There is never a dull moment or a shortage of development opportunities. In a short span I have learnt what I havent in my entire career

    Saju K. Devasia

    Director, Projects
  • Well, as they say 'The early years of life are critical to the development of intelligence, personality and skills.' QBurst provided me with the perfect blend of challenges, support and exposure when I first stepped into the industry. Since then I have never had to look back, knowing that there is immense potential for growth and a great deal of satisfaction when you get home after work.

    Visakh Padmanabhan

    Associate Architect
  • In my five years of experience with QBurst, Ive worked on various projects that has not only excited me but also enriched my career. QBurst provides me with excellent learning opportunities and an employee-friendly environment, helping me to grow professionally as well as personally. Extremely happy to be part of this wonderful organization!

    Prasad Jebaretnam

  • I joined QBurst four months ago, and I firmly believe that Ive made the right choice. A wonderful work environment and a helpful group of employees make me feel so. QBurst is fast growing, and I also find large scope for future growth. Here, I learned how to approach a problem systematically and how to work as a team.

    Vidya Vijay

    Senior Software Engineer
  • QBurst provides its employees with a good work atmosphere. We learn new things and apply them in our work to bring out the best.

    Parvathy Nair

    Lead Engineer, QA
  • I first joined QBurst as a trainee.The training given to me was excellent. The friendly atmosphere and supportive approach have helped me a lot in transforming myself into a thorough IT professional. The unique way of approaching projects and assignments are fascinating and is really a source of motivation for many beginners like me.

    Jilu Joy

    Lead Engineer
  • QBurst helps its employees maintain the right balance between his/her professional and personal goals. Setting realistic challenges, backing it up with the right motivation to achieve it and recognition for hard work is a unique blend that keeps me wanting to come back to work everyday!

    Parvathy Prasad

    Deputy Head, Business Development
  • In QBurst you have the opportunity to learn new things everyday. Youll love the work culture, flexibility and the encouragement that the management offers. A wonderful place to improve your skills!

    Syam Mohan

  • In the one year that Ive been with QBurst, my experience has been exceptional! New ideas are encouraged and the management is extremely transparent.

    Praveen R

    Deputy Head, Business Development
  • I got exposed to different platforms and domains in the past 6 years, working with QBurst. It offers a wonderful and flexible working environment for its employees.

    Jyothish Abraham

  • QBurst is my first company. The work culture here is amazing, and I really like the people I work with. I am excited to be a part of a company that lays its trust on the strength of the employees.

    Suslov Babu

    Associate Architect
  • Being my first company, QBurst is very special to me. The atmosphere here is all the more friendly and encouraging. My skills have developed a lot and I'm extremely happy to contribute to the growth of the company. I would definitely recommend QBurst to everyone who is on the lookout for a promising career.

    Steni Wilson

    Lead Engineer
  • QBurst is my first organization. The support that was extended to me by my colleagues has made this a second home for me. We have an excellent work atmosphere, where everyone is free to express their thoughts and opinions. Life at QBurst has helped me mold myself into a good professional.

    Soumya Baiju

    Lead Engineer, QA
  • The work environment at QBurst is casual but energetic. The flat organizational structure and the transparency make it all the more comfortable for a new comer. The team I am working with is very friendly and helpful. I believe I can build a strong foundation for my career, starting off with QBurst.

    Visakh Soman

    Lead Analyst, Digital Marketing
  • Sheer abundance of talent to learn from, challenging projects to prove myself, and a flat organizational structure where a fresher has the same right of opinion as a Project Manager, are a few things that make QBurst ideal for me to build my career.

    Srijith Vijayamohanan

  • Working with QBurst has really been an enlightening experience.With an experienced team of professionals, I have learned to work on an array of the latest technologies and the most challenging projects. I am proud to be a member of the QBurst family, and I wish it all success in its future endeavors.

    Mahin Sha

    Associate Principal Engineer
  • Having had the opportunity of taking responsibility on projects at an early stage of my career, I improved both technically and personally at a rapid pace.

    Ameena Iqbal

    Senior Project Manager
  • QBurst is an employee-friendly company, which provides one with great opportunities to work for great clients. I work on projects that not only excite me but also enrich my technical knowledge and my career. The confident approach that QBurst takes to implement its strategy, combined with a culture of humbleness and humility, make me proud to be a QBurstian.

    Manjusha Sukumarapillai

    Project Manager
  • An employee friendly organization with a strong commitment toward improvement, I am happy to be part of the QBurst family because I learn something new everyday.

    Jose Antony

  • I have found all of my QBurst projects to be exciting and challenging. The working environment and people are great. The atmosphere here is very relaxed, but never lacking that professional touch.

    Ajith Raj

  • QBurst is where I got an opportunity to start my software career. I am really enjoying the way we co-ordinate and develop to deliver great products.

    Kamaljith K.V

    Project Manager
  • QBurst to me is a workplace that offers a very unique work culture. I like the simple hierarchy in the organization that provides me with a very wide range of opportunities for growth in every respect.

    Sujith Kumar

  • If you are someone who is hardworking, ambitious, has an open mind to learn and adopt new ideas , then I can without doubt say that QBurst is the right place for you.

    Manooja Manoharan

    Senior Project Manager
  • QBurst is where I started my professional career and am proud to say that I am still going strong here.I am very proud to be a part of the company where feedom of thought plays a prominent part in our work. I prefer to continue to be a QBurstian and improve my capabilities in different technologies.

    Lekshmi Krishnan

    Associate Architect
  • What I like most about my work at QBurst is that it is diverse and constantly challenging.QBurst has allowed me the freedom to grow and progress to develop my own work style.

    Aparna Manju

  • There is unlimited growth potential at QBurst. I am always learning something new here and my work is varied as well as challenging.

    Kavitha Jayan

    Lead Engineer
  • QBurst has been the turning point in my career. The management is extremely supportive and this gives me confidence to handle my projects.

    Binesh T Vidyan

    Lead Engineer
  • The learning experience I gain every day from QBurst is invaluable. This is a place where one can work as well as enjoy, day after day.

    Lloyd Samson

    Lead Engineer, QA
  • When it comes to professionalism, QBurst is simply great! The most valuable thing that I found here is freedom of thought. I am proud to be a part of this family.

    Adarsh M

  • At QBurst, we are constantly given opportunities to accept new challenges head on. This is where I've grown - professionally and personally!

    Savitha Rajagopal

    Director, Digital Marketing