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Amazon Partnership Logo

Amazon QBurst is an Amazon Consulting Partner. We have trained and accredited AWS professionals who can make informed choices based on client requirements and implement solutions using best practices.

Salesforce QBurst extends consulting and implementation support to businesses ready to adopt’s cloud solutions. As a Cloud Alliance Partner, we are able to leverage their technology, resources, training, and support to successfully serve our clients.

Microsoft Partnership Logo

Microsoft In 2010, after six years of providing solutions and consulting services on the Microsoft’s platform, QBurst formalized the relationship and became a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner. Now with access to specialized training and support, QBurst offers an even greater competitive advantage to clients. Our Microsoft competency areas include mobility, portals and collaboration, and web development.

Microsoft Partnership Logo

Drupal As a member of the Drupal Association, QBurst is committed to developing robust applications using this open source platform. Our expertise is augmented by years of experience in building and customizing Drupal CMS for clients.

Adobe Partnership Logo

Adobe QBurst has partnered with Adobe to help businesses improve their communications, strengthen their brands, and ultimately achieve greater success using Adobe technologies. We have experts capable of ensuring smooth implementation of enterprise level web content management systems using AEM.

Oracle Partnership Logo

Oracle Our partnership with Oracle enables us to offer licensed products to our enterprise clients, thus providing them flexibility and choice across their IT infrastructure.

FACTS Partnership Logo

FACTS FACTS, a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, is a provider of software solutions for business accounting and management systems. Operating out of Dubai, the company provides integrated business solutions to clients in the Middle East. QBurst being a custom business software development company, works with FACTS to meet software challenges outside their core competency areas.

Orosoft Partnership Logo

OroSoft OroSoft Solutions primarily focuses on providing software solutions to the precious metals and jewelry industry, serving a large international clientele. For customers participating in the bullion markets, OroSoft's specialized application serves as a one-stop solution for accounting and financial transactions. QBurst enjoys a synergistic relationship with OroSoft, developing web and mobile components for their applications.