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Securing Your Server

Your business credibility is often judged from the performance of your applications. At QBurst, we help you meet customer expectations of reliability by securing the servers hosting your apps. We assess risks and implement security measures at application and operating system strata to ensure uninterrupted functioning and uptime.

Operating System Level Security

A secure operating system is crucial for the stability of your application. At QBurst, we configure and customize the server operating system according to the demands of the hosted application. We tighten security levels before servers are deployed. They are maintained and upgraded against the expanding threat scenarios.

Application Level Security

The life source of any application is the data that the servers host. Hackers can easily access and misuse confidential backend data through a loosely secured application layer. At the application level, we implement numerous hardening steps to prevent such unauthorized access to your data.

Server Deployed, What Next?

Our services don’t end with deployment. We have technical support teams to continuously monitor and maintain them for you. We will watch your servers while you focus on your business.

Security Is Not a Product; It's a Process.
Bruce Schneier
Computer Security and Privacy Specialist

    For Server Security Audit and Hardening