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Go Native with Xamarin

Xamarin is a powerful cross between native and cross-platform development to save you from the either-or predicament of choosing to develop web, cross-platform, and native apps. 
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Cross-platform development just got a lot more flexible and cost effective while drawing on native features. Based in C#, Xamarin is designed to share codebase, libraries, and business logic.

Did we also mention that you need not engage resources specialized in multiple programming languages? Xamarin Studio coupled with Visual Studio scale down the customary time and effort taken for code development, UI coding, and component integration. You may also reuse 75% of code across all mobile development platforms.  Show Less

Native UI

Native controls for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone render loading speed, pixels, custom views, and platform specific features on par with native applications.

Shared Codebase

Code with one language and share across different operating systems. Shared codebase, data structure logic, and an option to build native UI using Xamarin forms simplifies development effort and saves time.

Native APIs

Geolocation, contacts, camera, accelerometer, iBeacons, Android fragments, and many more capabilities exposed by the host platform API can be harnessed in a Xamarin-based application.

Continuous Testing

Xamarin Insights and Test Cloud make continuous testing and real-time monitoring across multiple platforms a piece of cake. Also integrate and manage activities of external services like Github, Jira, and many more.

External Components

Xamarin can be integrated with SDKs of multiple OS. Together with Component store and Visual Studio, virtually any component such as backend, security, code libraries, or UI controls can be availed.

Native Performance

Xamarin-based apps are optimized to adopt just-in-time and ahead-of-time compilation for Android and iOS. Be it computational or memory performance, Xamarin adapts to platform-specific hardware acceleration.

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