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Continuous Integration: Speed, Automation, and Iteration

Continuous Integration and Delivery (CI/CD) brings you manifold benefits to software delivery such as smaller packages of codes, frequent iterative integration to the build, automated tests, early detection of errors, quicker fixes, and early delivery. Show More

CI/CD reduces the total time of production cycle, starting from an idea to usable software, by automating iterative processes in the development pipeline. The release is automated, error free, and speedy. As release speeds up, you can save cost otherwise spent on protracted integration and risky deployment.  Show Less

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Why Practice Continuous Integration?

  • No more uncertain and long integration process
  • Predictable schedules and workflow status
  • Chartered team responsibilities to ensure build quality
  • Quick diagnosis and troubleshooting of integration errors
  • Modular codes which are less complex and risky to deploy
  • More frequent deployment resulting from faster workflows
  • Focus on building new features than disaster recovery

Working With Us

We can assist you from planning to implementing fully-automated build compatible with various platforms, different sets of unit tests, user access tests, and debugging. Since time is of the essence, we ensure that release is not delayed from a pre-determined schedule. Working with us could free you from dealing with tools, servers, and other components besides overseeing development pipeline and preserving version control of your application.

Wondering how to deploy multiple apps without stretching hardware resources too much? Docker could be your solution.


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