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Server Support Services

In hybrid cloud environments, maintaining a responsive IT infrastructure that can keep up with your need for developmental agility often calls for dedicated, professional support. Our IT infrastructure management team enables high availability and continuous optimization of your resources. Let’s get your infrastructure to respond to business demands without failure or interruptions.

Infrastructure Planning and Design

Set up your cloud infrastructure without hassles. Our cloud architects evaluate resource requirements and propose solutions that are both efficient and cost-effective to prevent cloud overspend. The carefully designed architecture will accommodate current needs and future enhancements, making it possible for your organization to seamlessly adapt to market and customer dynamics.

  • Capacity planning
  • Cost estimation
  • Architecture design
  • Infrastructure implementation

Infrastructure Monitoring

We offer proactive monitoring of both cloud and dedicated IT infrastructure using automated monitoring and alerting systems. WebWatch24x7 is QBurst’s remote monitoring platform to monitor servers and networks round the clock. Our support engineers also work with various third-party and open-source tools, such as AppDynamics, Splunk, Nagios, Icinga, depending on client needs for monitoring application performance, servers, databases, and other infrastructure components.

  • Cloud and dedicated IT infrastructure monitoring
  • Disk space monitoring and log files analysis
  • System software installation, configuration, upgrade
  • Monthly audit and performance reports
  • Service and server load monitoring
  • Brute force attack/intrusion detection
  • System problem analysis and solution recommendation

Infrastructure Security Hardening

Regular health checks and audit reports help to proactively identify potential threats and vulnerabilities. Based on these findings, our team can implement hardening measures to secure your IT infrastructure.

  • IT health checks
  • Security audits
  • Infrastructure hardening

Infrastructure Management and Support

Our managed IT support service includes ongoing management of servers, application systems, networks, and data storage solutions and is tailored to meet the needs of our clients. The 24x7 proactive and reactive support provides continuous monitoring with troubleshooting of issues and service restarts as needed.

  • Onsite and remote support
  • 24x7 service desk
  • Custom ticketing system
  • Network and communication services
  • Data center service
Server Support
  • Service monitoring
  • Load monitoring and optimization
  • Network monitoring
  • Regular security audits and malware checks
  • Periodic backups with daily snapshots
Application Support
  • Emergency support in case of unplanned downtime
  • Server restart services
  • Dedicated support under annual maintenance contract
Disaster Recovery Service
  • DR site maintenance
  • Detailed business continuity plan
  • Customized disaster recovery plan for client ODC
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