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Planning an Upgrade to Drupal 8?

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With community support for Drupal 6 at an end, organizations need to put in place a well-thought-out strategy to ensure a smooth upgrade to Drupal 8. Users on Drupal 7 can also consider an upgrade to benefit from feature enhancements and scaled-up capabilities of Drupal 8. While dealing with complex websites that present numerous nodes, contributed modules, content types, and custom themes, consulting a Drupal service expert, such as QBurst, is highly recommended.

Drupal 6/7 to 8: Free Readiness Assessment

For organizations with complex installations, upgrade to Drupal 8 poses several challenges. To overcome these challenges, we are offering a limited-time Upgrade Readiness Assessment.

It includes:

Review of
existing Drupal installation
Migration roadmap Register Now

Terms and conditions

Offer includes a review of the existing Drupal installation along with a 1-2 page upgrade roadmap highlighting challenges, scope, and effort involved in upgrade.

QBurst Helps You Overcome Your Upgrade Challenges

  • 40+ Drupal resources
  • Proven experience in Drupal website development and migration
  • Significant experience and skill in Symfony framework
  • Expertise in MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, and SQLite
  • Rich contributions in module and theme development
  • Drupal organizational member since 2012

Make the Best of New Features in Drupal 8 and 8.x

Make the Best of New Features in Drupal 8 and 8.x

Organizations seeking to move from Drupal 6/7 to 8 can benefit from a host of new functionalities and enhancements on offer.

  • Improved Content Authoring Experience: Enhanced layout, WYSIWYG editor (CKEditor), inline editing, multilingual features, and translation updates
  • Customization: Easier to customize data structures, listings, and pages
  • Mobile-First Approach: Responsive themes and admin interface
  • BigPipe: Better website performance
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