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IoT Platform for Industries

Connect your machines for condition monitoring and improved performance.

Our IoT platform takes the worry out of industry-specific implementations, allowing you to deploy industrial IoT solutions without long project schedules. The cloud platform with powerful data crunching capabilities and rules engine can be easily customized to deliver revolutionary insights for your particular industry.




Our IoT solution for industrial manufacturing enables smart factory units with near real-time insights into machine health and utilization.


Power and Utilities

utilityPower and Utilities

From intelligent power generation to smart management to meet fluctuating demand, the IoT solution helps maximize output and reliability of power networks.

oil and gas

Oil and Gas

oilOil and Gas

Smart sensors and real-time big data analytics can help oil and gas producers overcome operational and safety challenges.

What Industrial IoT Enables

Asset Management

Track and guard high value assets deployed at various locations

Remote Monitoring

Monitor machines and access data from anywhere via mobile apps.

Predictive Maintenance

Avoid breakdowns with condition monitoring and accurate prediction of failure.

Operational Efficiency

Increase output with real-time insight into production bottlenecks.

Integrated View

View data from multiple locations on a single portal.

Informed Decisions

Accelerate critical decisions with predictive modelling and intuitive visualizations.

Introducing SeeMyMachines

Industrial IoT analytics dashboard in SeeMyMachines.

Introducing SeeMyMachines

SeeMyMachines is the IoT solution customized for manufacturing, power, and such other heavy industries. Built on top of our cloud platform, it utilizes platform capabilities in real-time stream processing and machine learning to deliver unprecedented analytical insights in these industrial contexts.

Brought to you by QBurst and Planet G, SeeMyMachines includes both software and hardware components for an end-to-end industrial installation. Integrating our expertise in big data analytics with Planet G’s knowledge of industrial automation systems, we ensure a smooth and efficient IIoT implementation.

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Build Your Smart Factory

Track and control machines from anywhere. Our IoT solution brings all connected assets to a single dashboard giving you a bird’s eye view into plant performance.

When machines connect to the IoT platform, the powerful data processing engine crunches time series data from machine sensors and control units to provide near real-time analytics. These insights aid OEMs and plant managers in

  • Optimizing machine utilization
  • Predicting and preventing failures
  • Reducing maintenance costs
  • Improving machine performance
  • Increasing customer satisfaction

...vendors who lead with an integrated cloud and analytics solution are the ones who will be considered as critical partners in an organisation’s IoT investment. - CIO

Drive Efficiency in Power and Water Management

Interlinking equipments and operations with a cloud analytics platform can effect unprecedented benefits in power generation and transmission.

Solutions built on top of the cloud platform successfully combine IoT-generated data with traditional data to deliver intelligence to

  • improve demand forecasting,
  • decrease outage times,
  • improve grid performance,
  • reduce safety incidents, and
  • optimize energy use.

Decrease Outages

Analyze data from aerial or thermographic cameras and vibration sensors to predict potential failures and schedule proactive equipment maintenance.

Reduce Risk

Take timely corrective action and reduce safety incidents with real-time insight into power station operations. Ensure compliance to safety and regulatory requirements.

Improve Plant Efficiency

Capture and interpret data on asset condition, performance, and capacity utilization for better visibility into power plant efficiency.

Energy Farms

Digital Energy Farms

Digitalize solar and wind farms. From systematic, paperless inspections to remote asset monitoring, our IoT solution can help optimize maintenance and increase annual production.

Treatment Plants

Water Treatment Plants

Ensure smooth functioning of desalination plants with vibration monitoring of pumping systems, motors, filters, and pressure vessels. View the integrated data on web and mobile platforms.


Power Transmission

Connect remote towers to a common ticketing system for easy maintenance tracking. Transmission data from different geographical locations visualized on map enable quicker decisions.

Improve Bottom Line in Petroleum Industry

With the drastic drop in crude oil prices, oil and gas producers are forced to bring down their production costs. As a result, every stage of production has to be efficient and revenue-generating.

For an industry where only 1% of information is available to decision makers, connecting to an IoT platform can be transformational. Adopting IoT solutions will enable oil and gas companies to utilize data to improve business practices such as,

  • Exploring surface for oil
  • Optimizing field work
  • Predicting production
  • Servicing equipments
  • Ensuring work safety

Drilling Sites

Mapping Drilling Sites

Gather sensor data on ambient temperature, seismic waves, and surface materials to identify hydrocarbon deposits. The readings can be analyzed and compared with known models to determine potential oil sites.


Remote Inspections

Reduce the need for people to be placed in potentially dangerous locations for site inspections. The IoT platform will interpret data captured by UAVs and report on the condition of flare tip, pipelines, and other structures.


Equipment Maintenance

Connect equipment sensors and video cameras to the IoT platform to continually monitor for any anomalies and send feed to rig operators. This will ensure a safer work environment while avoiding unscheduled downtimes.

Want to customize our IoT platform for your industry?

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