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Building with React


We love stunningly responsive apps and React might just be the tool to build them. Let’s react to the changes in frontend engineering.

Faster, Better Applications

In applications such as dashboards displaying dynamic content, the virtual DOM concept of React makes data rendering much more efficient. When the underlying data changes, React manages UI updates by refreshing only those parts with changes. This is a huge performance booster.

Truly Native Experience

At the sweet intersection of native app experience and ease of web development lie hybrid mobile applications built using React. Unlike other hybrid app platforms, React Native uses reusable components that render as native platform widgets. The components compile directly to native allowing a web-style approach to create faster native mobile applications.

Render Anywhere

React helps to retain the responsiveness of client-side rendering without compromising the performance and reliability of a server-side application. We can build apps that load faster and support more devices delivering better experience for both users and web crawlers.

Use React for

  • Dynamic user interfaces
  • Crawlable single-page applications
  • Isomorphic JavaScript applications
  • Reusable JS components

Featured Apps


Store map

A mobile web app with an interactive floor map to help users locate stores and products within the shop. React.js was chosen to create a hybrid application that renders efficiently on mobile browsers and as a native app.

Digital signage

Interactive digital signage in clothing store allows shoppers to quickly check product details, availability, user reviews, and related merchandise. The iPad Pro app relies on React Native library to dynamically respond to user queries and deliver a responsive shopping experience.

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