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High-Performance UX with Ionic Framework

If what you need is a futuristic app with stunning UI interactions, let’s use Ionic to build it.

Why Ionic?

Open Source

Open Source

Ionic has a huge fanbase among coders. Updated almost daily with new features, Ionic is constantly being enhanced to build apps to be more efficient and native-like.

Platform Continuity

Platform Continuity

With Ionic’s platform continuity, we can build apps that meet the design and functionality requirements of different platforms quicker.

Popular Web Technologies

Popular Web Technologies

As Ionic employs popular and widely used web technologies such as HTML, AngularJS and JavaScript, building cross-platform apps would be a breeze for our developers.

Excellent UI

Excellent UI

Ionic provides a pretty decent repository of components that help build apps with enhanced look and feel and excellent UI interactions.

Inside Ionic

There are three main components in Ionic’s architecture —

  • a UI framework (with a number of out-of-the box components)
  • an AngularJS front-end JavaScript framework, and
  • Cordova, which acts as a native wrapper with CSS, HTML, and JavaScript.
working of an Ionic application

Interested in building a cross-platform app with Ionic?

Featured App

cross-platform app for caregivers using Ionic

Caregiver app

A cross-platform app for caregivers that alerts them on patient appointments, estimates the shortest route, and tracks the actual travel time. Ionic helped improve the feel and functionality of the app, enhancing the experience for both employers and caregivers. Using the framework made it easy to adapt the app interface to the styles of different operating systems.