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Platforms and Products

  • Intelligent text analytics platform that understands your lingo. Easily mine your industry-specific literature through an intuitive user interface and enable informed decisions.

  • Smart, intelligent customer service for your automotive dealership site. Compare vehicles, arrange test rides, schedule servicing—meet customer requests with the help of the car dealer chatbot.

  • Beacon-based solution for proximity marketing and much more. Take QBeacon into your domain to personalize the customer experience with hyper-contextual content delivery.

  • IoT platform for industries. It equips industrial manufacturers to easily connect machines to the cloud for monitoring and performance optimization.

  • Convenient and custom-built forms for quality checkers on the move. The mobile inspection app lets you update inspection forms at the job site.

  • An open source security testing browser bundle from QBurst. Built over Mozilla Firefox and integrated with resource links, security guidelines, and a slew of testing tools, PenQ enables faster and efficient web application security audits.

  • An integrated security solution for buildings. Equipped with the latest technologies in monitoring and alerting, ExSitu safeguards residents from incidents such as theft, fire, and assault. Compatible with big format touchscreens, it has an intuitive interface that provides visuals of every point on the premises.

  • All work and no play can make you dull. Here is something for those who enjoy playing cricket. Use Crickees to set up your tournaments online and showcase globally!

  • To retain visitors and enrich their experience on the site. ContextIQ is a ready-to-deploy recommendation engine that will suggest relevant and targeted content for each of your site visitors.

  • Watch your servers round the clock. WebWatch24x7 monitors your servers and ensures reduced downtimes.

  • Gallop to multi-device compatibility with Galapagos. Use our SaaS solution to quickly build turn-based gaming apps for popular mobile platforms

  • A set of widgets for the Salesforce home page. Quickly check statuses and respond to external and internal customers with a set of handy tools at your disposal.

  • iOS client for the web-based project management tool, Redmine. Smoothly manage your projects and deliver on time with on-the-go access.

  • In our business of providing customized solutions for clients, we rely on many open source tools and platforms. As we continue to depend on these open source software (OSS), we also contribute to the pool for the benefit of all.

What's Included

icon Scalability

icon Great user experience

icon Compatibility with popular browsers / platforms

icon Daily data backup

icon 24/7 system and application monitoring

icon Encrypted communications protocols

icon Top-grade intrusion detection

icon Guaranteed 99.9% uptime