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Clear Console - Firefox Add-on for Software Testers

Released under Mozilla Public License, Clear Console is a simple browser extension that can be added to your Firefox browser. Use it to clear browser history, cookies, cache, HTML5/local storage, http logins or delete all of these together with the ‘clear all’ option.

You can even set the conditions for clearing browser history and choose to restart the browser once the data is cleared. With Clear Console a lot of your browser preferences can be handled in a single click.


  • Quick one-step tool to work with browsing data
  • Huge time saver for folks who frequently need to refresh their browsers
  • Option to clear all or individually, with or without notifications
  • Choose what to clear and for what period of time


  • Featured Mozilla Add-on
  • Released in November 2012
  • Tops the list of Up & Coming Extensions in January 2013
  • Mozilla’s Pick of the Month for March 2013

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Clear Console