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Components of Mobile App Development

Simplifying Mobile App Development

As we continue to build on our mobile expertise, our developers find ways to efficiently modify or simplify mobile app development. Here are a few components that our team built, which you can reuse in your mobile applications.

Segmented View Controller

SJSegmentedViewController is a customizable iOS controller which allows horizontal and vertical scrolling for a segmented controller with a header view controller.

Developed by Subins Jose

View Controller Keyboard

QBKeyboardHandler is a view controller keyboard for iOS that provides Next and Return buttons and corrects the issue of keyboard hiding portions of content.

Image Slicing and Sharing Tool

Mobile Asset Generator for Android and iOS, lets you slice images and share them.

Developed by Sakkeer Hussain

Log File Creator

QBlog is a lightweight iOS library to write logs to a log file in the app’s default directory.

Developed by Sumesh Sivan

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