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Progressive Web Apps—The New Class of Mobile Web

With the rising number of smartphone users, are you wondering why your mobile websites are not bringing you the expected conversions?

We say it is the compromised browsing experience of websites on smartphones. 53 percent of users abandon websites that take more than three seconds to load on their mobile devices. A new class of mobile web called Progressive Web Apps (PWA) can deliver app-like user experience, increasing user engagement.

PWAs allow users to bring websites to the home screen to look and work just like regular native apps. With Application Shell Architecture that enables fast loading and Service Workers that help with content caching and push notifications, PWAs are the future of the mobile web.

Characteristics of Progressive Web Apps


Should You Go for a Progressive Web App?

If your business already has a native app but could benefit from a wider user engagement, PWA is a good choice. If you don’t have an app just yet and your business could certainly benefit from one, you can definitely start off with a PWA. Ultimately, to make the right decision you need to analyze different factors such as your business needs, target users, and existing applications.

Our experts will help you figure out whether you need a PWA for your business. We have a team of developers with expertise in popular languages and frameworks such as ExpressJS, ReactJS, AngularJS, Polymer, and Ionic, in case you decide to create the perfect app-like experience for your users.