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Business Process Integration for an ISP

Project Overview

As a provider of telecommunication services, our client caters to individuals, businesses, resellers, and suppliers. Keeping track of all these customer segments, building and maintaining relationships, governing transactions, and streamlining internal processes is crucial for their business. The client has an internal software system that keeps track of customers and suppliers. QBurst helped them meet the continuous and growing development needs of this internal system.

Business Requirement

  • Build new features to enhance the software system
  • Provide continuous maintenance and support
  • Generate custom reports for various business teams
  • Identify and recruit developers
  • Resources for expanding onsite development support

QBurst Solution

The client approached QBurst to manage the growing development needs of their business processes. We provided the client’s development team with extended support. Our development support was split into four teams.

  • Projects team to handle new feature development
  • QA to take care of testing
  • LCST (Live Code Support Team) that continuously works on projects that have gone live
  • MIS team to manage the extensive reporting performed by the system

The team at QBurst worked with the client’s team to develop and maintain the company’s internal software system.

Project Highlights

Some of the key modules within Plusnet’s Workplace are:

  • Meeting Manager: This tool helps users configure meeting rooms, schedule meetings, manage attendees, mark vacations, and track meeting progress by posting minutes of a meeting into a discussion forum.
  • Payment Gateway: We developed an encrypted generic payment system to comply with PCI regulations, which helped the client to smoothly transition to a centralized card payment processing platform used across the client’s group of companies.
  • Billing Module: We brought down the transaction speed tremendously from over 12 hours to a couple by forking several PHP scripts to run simultaneously and making several optimizations to the database.
  • Reseller Platform: This supports extensive theme customization and allows the client to provide broadband service branded under the reseller’s name. It also allows the client to bill for their own services and generate a consolidated invoice for each retailer, making billing management easy for the client as well as the retailer.
  • Broadband Platform: We introduced an automated fault management system to manage the fault questionnaire using PHP as the frontend and Java as the backend.
  • Customer Discussion Forums: Staff and customers can hold conversations in the form of posted messages where the exchange method is SOAP call over SSL.

Client Profile

The client is a leading telecom company based in Europe that provides fixed-line phone and fiber-optic broadband solutions to consumers and businesses. The company had been offering communication services for over 15 years before becoming the subsidiary of a large and well-known global telecom company in 2007.

Business Challenges

Our client’s internal software system controls all the business processes within the company. As the company grows, the software requirements change. Features and functionality have to be continuously built in to optimize and update the system. Additionally, new features have to be thoroughly tested before they are implemented. A dedicated support and maintenance team was required for smooth functioning of the system as a small glitch could result in significant damage to business and reputation. Our client realized the need to expand their software development team to face these challenges. Expanding and maintaining a larger team was a major challenge. At the same time, recruiting and training skilled technical resources also posed a challenge as it would require a lot of time and effort, which would take away focus from more important tasks.


  • Custom MVC framework built on top of PHP
  • MySQL for backend database
  • Apache to serve frontend applications
  • EJB on JBoss application server stack
  • Maven for build automation
  • Drools for workflow management
  • Radmind for deployment
  • JIRA for project management
  • Confluence for specifications management

Business Benefits

Outsourcing part of the development to QBurst reduced expenses for the client without compromising quality. It also offered necessary flexibility to quickly scale up development support as and when required. Additionally, our services helped:

  • Increase bandwidth for development
  • Deliver on-demand support with high level of technical expertise
  • Lower development cost
  • Deliver complex customized reports with the help of skilled database experts
  • Implement feature enhancements that directly contributed to business success