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Online Marketplace For Personalized Products

Project Overview

The web application is an online marketplace for visitors searching for personalized furniture, jewelry, and other items. The visitor can initiate projects for the items they are looking for and also track progress. One of the unique user experiences in this site is that there is no shopping cart or a checkout tag on the site. Instead, customers can meet thousands of makers who are thrilled about the prospect of creating something with them. Customers can then connect with an artisan maker to co-create something unique.

Business Challenges

  • Lack of resources: The client did not have enough skilled developers in-house.
  • Shortage of experienced vendors: Finding a suitable vendor was a challenge and our prior experience in handling similar projects led to our subsequent association with the client.


  • Dashboard for buyers to post projects and contact information
  • Dashboard for makers to interact with prospective buyers and share their portfolio
  • Administrative dashboard to generate admin reports and provide other admin capabilities
  • Integration with social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Solid infrastructure that includes caching of static content and storing of images and other binary data in a separate server to increase performance
  • Hosted on powerful servers with intelligent load balancing capabilities and multiple switchover to increase system availability
  • Intuitive and attractive UI, which substantially improved user engagement

Business Benefits

  • Performance improvements and enhanced user experience brought in more traffic from both buyers and makers
  • Registration of makers increased several fold forcing the client to suspend the registration process
  • Several security issues were resolved after Admin console management privileges were streamlined

Client Profile

Our client is a Google Ventures company, changing the way people shop by making the purchase of custom products easier. They offer an alternative to big box retailers by providing an online marketplace that connects consumers (or buyers) with artisans (or makers) across the country.

Our Solution

QBurst contributed to the design and development of the existing product framework incorporating several new features.

  • Net Promoter Score
  • Pagination feature replaced with an enhanced infinite scroll
  • Show and Tell feature that allows customers to upload images of specific products they require
  • Quick customization for customers to choose a product image and customize features such as size, dimensions, color, and material
  • Privilege metrics in the Admin console for the offshore team
  • Efficient messaging system


  • Frontend:  HTML5, CSS3, JS, AJAX, Bootstrap, SASS, RWD, Backbone.js
  • Development Frameworks:  Flask, Django (Python)
  • Caching:  Amazon ElastiCache, CDNs
  • Backend:  MySQL (Amazon RDS) and MongoDB
  • Search Infrastructure:  Elasticsearch
  • Configuration Management:  Puppet
  • Deployment:  Fabric
  • Testing Tools:  Selenium, Sauce Labs, and PyUnit