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Effective eCommerce Solutions for the Floral Industry

Project Overview

The client wanted to upgrade their website in order to remain competitive and provide better services to their customers. We transformed their old static website into a full-fledged eCommerce website with payment gateway integration. The new website provides additional features such as reward programs, product comparison, add-to-wish-list, and advanced product search.

Business Requirement

The client wanted to improve their online business with a fully functional eCommerce website integrated with a payment gateway. They also wanted to expand their market reach utilizing social media channels.

Our Solution

The key features of the eCommerce solution developed by QBurst include:

  • HSBC Payment gateway integration with Bank of Maldives
  • Products categorization and streamlining
  • Simplified registration process, requiring minimal information
  • Integrated promotional offers, such as coupons and discounts for purchases
  • Automatic adjustment of price when customers add coupon codes
  • Advanced product search allowing customers to search for products using product name, price, and description
  • Rewards program to encourage customers to purchase more products
  • Tag cloud of keywords to help customers search for products
  • Features that facilitate product and price comparison
  • Wish list to select and save products for purchase at a later date
  • Profiles for the client in social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter, accessible from the website

Business Benefits

  • The full-fledged eCommerce implementation made the client’s website one of the most popular places to purchase floral products online.
  • QBurst helped the client move to social channels of marketing such as Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.
  • The transformed online image helped the company to extend its reach all throughout Maldives and overseas.

Client Profile

The client is an international florist company located in Maldives that delivers flower-based products such as bouquets, flowers, exotic plants, and gifts for special occasions like weddings, events, and banquets.

Business Challenge

  • The client’s original website was a static one which was not intuitive.
  • Placing orders was cumbersome as an online store was not available.
  • Products were not categorized, making it difficult for customers to find the right product.
  • International customers had to rely on traditional time-consuming methods to purchase products.
  • The company did not have any promotional offers such as discounts or coupons.
  • The client was not active in social networks and this affected their web presence.

Technology Stack

  • Magento
  • MySQL
  • PHP
  • Apache Web Server
  • HTML/CSS and JavaScript

Project Highlights

  • Used built-in Magento modules such as product catalog, online shopping cart, payment gateway, order tracking, and a paid extension (Magento Connect) for point redemption.
  • Facebook Connect API and a third-party module was used to integrate social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Blogger.
  • Integration of Bank of Maldives payment gateway with Magento was performed using an API to enable custom HSBC payment gateway.