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Education Delivery Solution on the Cloud

Project Overview

We worked with an eLearning company to develop an application that makes learning accessible to anyone who wants to learn, from anywhere in the world. The cloud-based application offers innovative tools for learning, a secure social network, mobile access, and a platform that enables students to choose from a host of interesting courses. The application also helps tutors and colleges promote their courses.

Business Requirement

  • An online platform where academicians and students can access study materials with the ability to manage time and files, work in groups, as well as test and grade students.
  • A social networking module that helps admin staff, teachers, and students network with each other.

Features & Functionalities

    • For Students
      • Access course content put up by tutors
      • Submit assignments via videos, photos, and documents
      • Take online tests as part of distance learning and assessment
      • Schedule lectures for part-time learning and other course events
      • Export all events to the user’s calendar through Google Calendar integration
      • Be notified of important events even when not logged in
      • Manage tasks to ensure deadlines are never missed
      • Prioritize and receive news feeds of interest through Notification Center
      • Receive certificate and get seen by potential employers
    • For Tutors
      • Automatically generate student transcripts and certificates
      • Access easy-to-use reporting tools
      • Configure assignments and online tests to assess student’s progress
      • Set timetables as per planned dates of course completion
      • Add videos onto study materials from Vimeo or YouTube
    • Social Networking
      • Post, comment, and like status updates
      • Interact with classmates and tutors within a course or group
      • Engage in innovative discussions and brainstorming sessions
      • Share photos and videos among peers
      • Store files in the documents section to read later or share with group
      • Import files to the application through Google Drive integration
      • Chat with listed contacts

Business Benefits

  • The solution helped client to extend their services through a cloud learning environment in B2B and B2C models, gaining a strong foothold in the web-based learning space.
  • Revenue is generated through commissions from paid courses offered. This is slated to substantially increase as several educational institutions are expressing interest in the application.

Client Profile

Our client manages an international eLearning initiative. Their Learning Management System (LMS) provides students, tutors, and educational institutions with a collaborative online learning platform. The company currently serves the CIS, EU, and UK markets with B2B, B2C, and B2G solutions for corporates, educational institutions, individual learners, and the government. They aim to unite the best tutors from all over the world to provide students with specialized skills that are not usually taught in schools or universities.

QBurst Solution

QBurst helped build an application that provides a virtual learning environment accessible to all. The application is not just about books and assignments, but an engagement platform where students can opt for courses of their choice and interact with peers and tutors at the same time. The SCORM-compliant solution helps colleges and private tutors promote their courses and gain a much larger student base.


  • Apache 2.0 web server
  • MySQL
  • HTML and CSS with an MVC architecture
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Third Party Tools
    • jQuery 1.9
    • cURL
    • JSON
    • Facebook OAuth
    • LinkedIn Login
    • Google Calendar API
    • YouTube API
    • Modernizr 2.6.2
    • oEmbed
  • jQuery Plugins
    • TinyMCE Editor
    • jQuery Calendar
    • nanoScrollerJS v0.7.3
    • Inline Edit v1.3
    • Facelist Autocomplete
    • imgAreaSelect
    • SelectBoxIt v3.3.0


The application was developed in LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) platform using Yii framework. Yii is a community driven framework, which is under active development and the the application is built upon version 1.1.13. The application allows uploading SCORM contents as well. Third party paid features such as Vimeo API for video upload and Arrowchat for chat are used on the site. Payment integration was done using Paypal and Stripe. Webmail integration was done using WebMail Lite from AfterLogic.