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Gamified Messaging Application


Our client is a UK-based technology startup that focuses on communication solutions.


Instant Messaging


A gamified messaging application that is highly scalable and facilitates easy transfer of multimedia content among users. The solution incorporates an intelligent algorithm that powers a point-based reward system for user retention.

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Business Requirement

The client wanted a chat application that rewards users based on engagement level. They wanted to drive user participation with a weekly prize draw. Unobtrusive in-app advertisements would ensure a sustainable business model.

  • Real-time messaging with user-friendly interface
  • Gamification elements for enhanced user engagement
  • Analytics to consolidate and evaluate usage parameters

QBurst Solution

The highly scalable instant messaging application facilitates easy transfer of multimedia content among users. Continued use of the app helps users accumulate loyalty points and participate in a weekly draw. Powering the draw is a unique algorithm that measures usage based on patterns and rules to analyze user interaction. The app integrates a payment system for easy redemption of cash rewards.

The gamified app was designed and built in a record time of three months. The interface of the app is simple and user-friendly, enabling seamless user experience.

Business Benefits

  • Over a million downloads across app stores
  • In-app advertisements led to a five-fold increase in revenue six months into launch
  • Increased customer acceptance with point-based reward strategy
  • Minimal maintenance and upgradation costs

Key Features

  • Point-based reward system
  • Media sharing
  • Push notification and auto refresh
  • Enhanced privacy settings
  • Emoticons and custom stickers
  • Location sharing
  • Auto sync of phone contacts
  • Unobtrusive in-app advertisements
  • In-app purchases
  • Regular updates with new features


  • Erlang
  • XMPP
  • iOS
  • Android
  • JavaScript
  • Riak

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