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Healthcare IoT Solution


The client is a leading global healthcare devices company headquartered in Japan, with operations spread across the United States and Europe.




The IoT solution for enhanced healthcare management facilitates easy pairing of healthcare devices and enables users to store, track, and analyze data by incorporating elements such as intuitive interface, instant analysis, and synchronization.

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Business Requirement

As a leading manufacturer of healthcare devices, the client wanted to leverage the power of IoT to improve user experience. The solution would connect with a range of healthcare devices to deliver patterns and health indicators plotted against graphs and charts. The visualization capabilities of the IoT solution would help users to closely monitor their medical condition.

Key Features


Vertical scrolling feature on the dashboard enables users to view data based on category.

Data Management

Users can manage data by pressing and holding any data point, activating ‘edit mode‘.


The highly customizable dashboard enables users to prefer and prioritize information.

Activity Timeline

The activity timeline allows users to review activity history. Users can also review previous day's information to track performance over a period of time.

App Menu and Navigation

User can easily navigate menu to adjust goals, edit personal information and profile, share data, or access ‘help’ function.

Graphs and Data

Graphs and data enable users to view current and prior readings at a glance in graph or list view over a day, week, month, or year.

QBurst Solution

We developed a cross-platform application that captures health indicators from devices such as activity trackers, BP monitors, and digital thermometers. The application reads data from devices by connecting to a native application.

End Results

  • The client improved market share of products with emphasis shifting to enhanced user experience.
  • Sales of select healthcare products increased by 6% five months after launch.
  • Discretion, portability, connectivity, synchronization, and real-time analytics capabilities resulted in improved customer satisfaction and positive reviews.


  • HTML5
  • AngularJS
  • CSS3

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