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Online Solution to Personalize Home Decor Ideas

Project Overview

We helped an online startup realize their vision of bringing together elements of home furnishing such as high-end designer goods, top brands, hand-made goods and more, under one roof. The online platform helps homeowners get what they need from one source and negates the inconvenience of engaging multiple dealers. The website provides users with access to a rich collection of resources such as product search, shopping services, discussion forums, design guidance, file storage for designs created, and communication tools.

Business Challenges

With eCommerce quickly catching on, our client realized the need for a web-based solution that caters solely to home decor. However, the client lacked the technical know-how and experience to turn this vision into a reality, and was unable to identify a technology partner with the right skillset and experience to see it through. After assessing several technology companies, the client selected QBurst because of our experience in developing innovative web solutions for large and small businesses.

Business Requirement

  • The client wanted a solution that aggregates home decor products from various stores to offer the best options to customers.
  • The client wanted to offer a personalized experience by allowing users to interact with design experts, play with colors, styles or home accessories, and create customized designs that can be saved and shared with friends.

QBurst Solution

QBurst developed an online solution that met the client’s requirement. Using LAMP stack (Linux, Apache HTTP Server, MySQL and PHP) we created a strong and scalable architecture that formed the backbone of the website.

The website aggregates home decor products from advertisers and affiliate networks such as Homeclick and eFaucets. These products are then categorized and mapped (using mapping algorithms) to the client’s website under more generic names such as Bed & Bath, Furniture, Kitchen, and Lighting. When products are listed under these familiar names, it makes the website appear organized and reduces the complexity of searching for products. When a user decides to make a purchase, they are directed to the advertiser or affiliate page, where the purchase is made. Additionally, we integrated forums, groups, and blog features into the website. Drupal CMS (Content Management System) is used to manage content and the community platform on the website.


The client is a Washington-based company that provides users with a variety of services to enhance the interiors of their homes. The website features home furnishing products from the best stores in the country—from high-end designer products to hand-made artisan goods.

Features and Functionality

  • Products are categorized as per utility, brand, store, sale, and price.
  • Demo rooms allow users to assemble products, choose color, and preview products before buying.
  • Color Palette Maker uses a unique algorithm to generate colors that complement the one selected by the user.
  • Users can add the Color Palette Widget to their blogs and websites.
  • Style Maker Quiz helps to define user design style.
  • Customized Idea Files can be saved within the website and shared through social networks.
  • Community area platform is for artisans, interior designers, and home decor aficionados to share ideas and participate in discussions specific to their interests.


  • LAMP
  • Drupal
  • Kettle Tool
  • Mapping Algorithms

Business Benefits

  • Satisfied Customers: The website received positive reviews from customers who were impressed with the concept and features.
  • Catalog Management: Products from affiliate networks automatically get displayed in the client’s website and no effort was required to manage them.