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Home Intelligence Platform for Builders and Buyers


The client is a technology company in the US that specializes in building custom software solutions for builders and homeowners.


Real Estate


The award-winning home intelligence platform creates a two-way workflow between home builders and homebuyers at every stage of construction and ownership. Combining mobile and web capabilities, the solution offers a new way to communicate, engage, and drive customer satisfaction.

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Business Requirement

The client wanted to develop an integrated mobile and web platform with analytical capabilities to connect homeowners and builders.

  • Attract prospective buyers with the help of a custom sales tool
  • Share updates and records of construction projects with homeowners
  • Create a personalized digital database of home assets
  • Record and maintain service history of home assets
  • Analyze data to make informed decisions about products and customers

Key Features

Web App for Builders

  • Manage profiles of vendors and homeowners for each category
  • Create projects/communities and manage properties
  • Showcase models, elevations, and profiles (product requirements for homes) and associate them with each property
  • Customize assets of virtual models

Mobile App for Homeowners

  • Access details of products in rooms, set reminders, get replacements, and maintenance tips
  • Send maintenance requests to contractors
  • Search for products using the global product repository
  • Maintain and share wishlist with friends and relatives

Business Benefits

  • Faster resolution of issues and on-demand service significantly enhanced customer satisfaction
  • Analytics provides insights into product quality and customer sentiments, helping to improve procurement strategy
  • Easy access to user manuals and DIY tips reduced service requests by 23%
  • The platform served as an effective sales and marketing tool, considerably increasing customer acquisition

Business Transformation

The solution leverages mobile and web capabilities to create an integrated platform to connect buyers and builders.

How It Works

Before the home is built, the mobile app can be used as a sales tool to share property images, interiors (virtual tour), and investment options with prospective buyers.

While construction is underway, builders can continue to share photos, updates, and reminders with homebuyers.

After the build, the solution provides a digital asset management tool that contains a database (photos, specifications, user manuals, and product warranty details) of all home assets.

Homeowners can then refer the app conveniently to access details of home assets and set up alerts for regular maintenance. They no longer have to worry about misplacing product manuals or tracking maintenance history. The mobile solution also enables customers to raise concerns with manufacturers.

The solution integrates advanced analytics to help homebuilders gain insights into communities, models, and geographies to make informed decisions about products, services, and customers.



  • PHP
  • Zend Framework 2
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • DynamoDB
  • AWS
  • Gearman


  • Objective-C
  • iOS
  • AFNetworking
  • WIT
  • EGOCache

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