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Comprehensive Hotel Management Platform

Project Overview

The project involved development of a software suite for hotel chains that covers their entire gamut of activities right from tracking room cleaning to managing reservations. We helped develop an enterprise Property Management System (PMS) for hotels with a mobility platform for enhanced guest and staff experience. We delivered mobile applications for guests and a web application for hotel staff and admin. Additionally, there is a PhoneGap based tablet application for staff and admin.

Business Challenge

The existing hotel software was too complex and unsustainable. It did not offer any cloud, touch or tablet experience. There was no social element, self-service, or connection with guests.

QBurst Solution

We built a cloud-based enterprise level property management system for the client with a mobility platform for both guests and staff.

  • For Staff
    • Mobile/Tablet-based Property Management System
    • Housekeeping App
  • For Guests
    • Mobile Web
    • Smartphone App

The PhoneGap based app handles all common tasks for staff, including payments, reservation management, room allocation with Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) personal key for on-the-spot staff key creation, and MSR key dispenser for staff to kiosk communication. We developed a Ruby on Rails (RoR) based middleware that interacts with multiple backend applications such as PMS, payment gateway, and room key management solution.

Guests can pick up their keys from the kiosk or the front desk’s expedited line. The smartphone app for guests comprises an iOS application integrated with iBeacon technology for messaging smart calls to action. For example, when entering the hotel premises, guests receive a beacon-triggered welcome message such as “Welcome back, Mr Doe!” and location-based promotions such as “Have one on us,” while the guests are entering the bar lounge.

Both applications are Facebook and PMS integrated with email notifications.

Business Benefits

  • The application brought about an 80% reduction in training and onboarding of new staff.
  • Consumer-grade interface—staff simply know how to use it.
  • Mobile staff are empowered to service guests anytime creating a deeper connection.
  • The application drives incremental revenue by promoting upgrades, monetizing late check-outs, and bringing in ancillary revenue through self-service add-ons.

Client Profile

Our client is a pioneer in new technology for the hospitality sector. They develop next-generation, cloud-based mobility solutions for staff and guest at hotels and resorts.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a mobility platform that would transform guest/staff experience. They required a solution that would improve guest relations, promote guest loyalty, and consequently drive revenue.

Features & Functionality

  • Guests
    • Check-in/check-out from anywhere
    • View stay details and extend stay
    • Upgrade room and make payments
    • Request for F&B services
    • Access eConcierge, eCompendium, and social lobby
    • Avail loyalty benefits and make reservations
    • Enjoy convenience of key integration
    • Receive helpful messages and reminders when walking by beacons
  • Staff
    • Collect data on reviews
    • Connect with guests
    • Process check-in/check-out from anywhere
    • Attend to service requests and guest messaging
    • Assign/find rooms
    • Manage upgrades and add-ons
    • Check room status and guest details


  • iOS - Core Location Framework
  • iBeacon
  • Ruby 1.9, Rails 3.2
  • PhoneGap
  • JavaScript
  • WordPress
  • ReactJS
  • AngularJS