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Mobile Inspection Solution for Quality Control Staff

Project Overview

Several sectors such as automotive, aviation, construction, and discrete manufacturing require field work, data collection, and timely reporting. Using paper-based forms for inspections can be cumbersome. This is where Tezzle comes in. Tezzle is an ideal solution for organizations where routine testing, record keeping, and regulatory compliance is important. Comprising a web and mobile application, Tezzle was successfully implemented for a global leader in aircraft and railcar manufacturing that currently utilizes over 100 user licenses.

Business Requirement

The client followed a tedious system of tracking various processes manually, identifying failed and commented items from large paper-based forms, managing test documents, and maintaining historical data. They decided to implement a software application to address these issues.

  • Inspection of trains at each phase
  • Authorization levels and user management at project and unit level
  • Review and approval upon rework
  • Ability to work offline

QBurst Solution

We developed a web and Android tablet application to optimize our client’s testing process. With role-based user access integrated, the solution improves accountability by streamlining the inspection process. The Quality Assurance support solution is ideal for quality inspections, audits, testing, and certification. It is well suited for custom orders and components having complex requirements. Tezzle works well on popular web browsers such as Chrome and FireFox.

Business Benefits

  • Provided a green alternative to paper-based forms, reducing storage space and cost
  • Helped to efficiently manage the inspection of railcars at each stage
  • Removed loopholes in the QA process to produce safer railcars
  • Easier management of homepage promotions
  • Predefined checklist for final round of verification
  • Brought about efficiencies in record keeping and regulatory compliance reporting

Client Profile

The client is the world’s largest train manufacturer and third-largest airplane manufacturer in the world. With 62 production and engineering sites in 25 countries and more than 40 service centers across the world, they are the global leader in the rail industry.

Key Features

  • Android tablet mobile application for field inspections
  • Web interface for supervisors and managers
  • Real-time tracking
  • Option to click pictures of defects/issues and attach to reports
  • Offline mode access to fill out forms during inspection and sync data later
  • Management of historical data/records and regulatory compliance reporting
  • Barcode generation and scanning
  • Analysis of test results using different types of graphs such as bar, line, and bell
  • Provision to create different versions of the same checklist
  • Option to take printouts of test reports and checklists


  • Android (4.0.3 upwards)
  • Java, JEE
  • Vaadin
  • MySQL
  • Apache Tomcat
  • Persist
  • Git and SVN
  • AWS