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SharePoint Online Development and Data Migration


Headquartered in Singapore, our client is a leading provider of port infrastructure solutions. With offices across nine countries, they specialize in port engineering, port management, and port information technology.


Port Industry


As a port development and equipment engineering company, the client followed manual processes to track and capture incidents on site. This impacted efficiency of Health and Safety Environment (HSE) practices that mandated timely recording of incidents and follow-up action. The workflow was tedious and resulted in several bottlenecks. Subsequent to deployment of Office 365 suite, the client wanted to leverage the benefits of SharePoint Online for document management. QBurst’s SharePoint team developed a custom online environment and migrated all data within the stipulated timeframe.

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Business Requirement

After transitioning to Microsoft Office 365 suite (E3), there was a need to replace the legacy intranet system that presented several limitations in terms of user experience. Additionally, many internal processes were largely offline and paper-based, leading to inconsistencies and data loss. The client needed a system to improve collaboration between employees.

QBurst Solution

QBurst designed, developed, and deployed the SharePoint Online system to address data collation and process optimization issues faced by the client. During the discovery and planning phase, our onsite team evaluated the existing system, identified issues, and came up with a design to address these problems. Once the development was complete, we scheduled incremental migrations to ensure all business-critical data was available in the new environment.

Dashboard: A comprehensive monitoring interface was implemented to streamline the incident reporting process and automate the approval process. SharePoint Online automated authorization and approval processes for each department. Using SharePoint workflows, we replaced the labor-intensive process of data collection and reporting, automating 85% of the work and enabling effective management of the same. Based on workflow configurations, requests are automatically sent to approvers. Initiators can track requests and access information in real-time.

Intranet: QBurst designed and architected a corporate intranet portal on SharePoint Online. The portal provided access to enterprise information and applications. Data from the existing system was successfully migrated using Sharegate. We also imported data from Excel and other sources to SharePoint Online. The cloud solution significantly reduced infrastructure costs and build-out time.

Business Benefits

  • Increased efficiency of approval process
  • Streamlined workflow by ensuring quality of information submitted
  • Decreased the need for manual intervention in securing documents with Security Groups
  • Reduced manual effort in administrative tasks
  • Improved traceability with central document repository having version and access controls

Key Features

  • Dashboard with dynamic report generation
  • Digital submission forms to capture details pertaining to corrective action, asset damage, and medical treatment
  • Multi-level approval workflow enabled with email notifications and alerts
  • Integrated financial reports developed using Google Charts
  • Announcements, news, sliders, and external applications
  • Forms and templates
  • View group submissions
  • Unique branding across intranet sites


  • SharePoint Online
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Designer Forms
  • JavaScript
  • CSS
  • Sharegate

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