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Online Job Portal for Social Media Professionals

Project Overview

QBurst developed an online portal for a digital communication company founded by a well-known brand marketer and social media strategist. The online portal enables companies to find social media professionals and hire them. We developed the website by customizing SmartJobBoard, a white-label software for creating job websites. Our PHP experts used Zend Framework to perform the customizations and add new features. With its increasing user base, the portal provides a lot of potential for revenue through advertisements and subscription plans.

Business Requirement

  • Create an exclusive online community for social media professionals and lure companies to hire from the community.
  • Increase its user base and job base by attracting professionals with good resources on social media marketing techniques as well as companies with corporate presentations and articles.
  • Generate revenue from the website through advertisements and subscription plans for employers by allowing them to post jobs on the site for a payment.

Our Solution

QBurst developed an online marketplace for job seekers and employers in the social media industry using SmartJobBoard. SmartJobBoard is a software platform for creating job websites built on PHP using Zend Framework. It has a built-in CMS, classifieds engine, and a template management system that allows the software to be customized according to requirements. Using this platform, we were able to help our client develop an exclusive online career community that caters to interactive marketers seeking to network and identify opportunities for career advancement in their field.


The white-label software, SmartJobBoard, has options to customize the look and feel, and also change the way it works. Our Zend experts customized the software, changed the Graphical User Interface (GUI), and implemented additional features.

As SmartJobBoard was a product purchased from the market, our developers had to study the code base in order to make the necessary enhancements. Studying and understanding the code was an arduous task and moreover, there were several bugs in the product code itself that required to be replaced. By the end of the development phase, we analyzed the code of SmartJobBoard software and made the required updates to meet our client’s expectations.

End Result

The client’s partnership with QBurst was a success. They achieved the goal of owning a job board for social media jobs. With a good number of employers and jobs on the website, our client earns a significant percentage of revenue through advertisements and subscription charges.

Client Profile

Our client is a social technology and digital PR marketing firm based in the US. Over the last few years, they have ventured into the Internet marketing world with online applications and blogs to promote small businesses and web startups. They provide personalized and devoted contributions to a variety of organizations in the areas of web application development and social communications in the fields of marketing and PR 2.0.


  • Job seekers can register and search for jobs in a number of ways by defining date range, region, employer, industry, and experience.
  • They can apply for interested vacant positions and opt to be notified of them by email.
  • Employers can register their organization and post their requirements.
  • Employers can access candidate resumes and advertise on the website through banners, sponsored blog posts, events, and news items.
  • Both job seekers and employers can update their news and events on the site.
  • Resources are available in the form of articles, infographics, blogs, and presentations.
  • The website also has a social sign-in feature that allows users to register and login through their social networking profiles on Facebook or Twitter.
  • The gallery section displays images of social media events in Washington DC and other places.


  • PHP
  • SmartJobBoard
  • Zend Framework
  • Social Sign-in