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Labor Management System

Project Overview

Many medium to large-scale industries use contract labor to meet their manpower needs. Managing these workers poses several challenges that include security/background checks, attendance management, record keeping, and payroll/benefits management. QBurst partnered with a leading oil and gas company to develop an intranet labor management solution that utilizes biometrics to identify and track workers, helps in statutory report filing as well as pension and insurance processing. The reliable and cost-effective system ensures a safe and secure work environment.

Business Requirement

Our client required a system to efficiently manage contract employees.

  • Attendance Management: Track workers and detect discrepancies
  • Record Keeping: Pension and insurance ledgers, job schedules, and employee service books
  • Security: Biometric authentication, criminal record, access controls, IDs, and barcodes
  • Payroll and Employee Benefits: Payroll calculation and enforcement of minimum wages

Key Features

  • Attendance reports and timesheets
  • Minimum wage compliance
  • Payroll calculation based on biometric check-in and check-out time
  • Pension and insurance reports for contractors
  • Access Controller Lock to secure access to specific areas
  • Ledgers for advance, closure, insurance, and pension schemes
  • Biometric authentication to tackle impersonation and proxies
  • Criminal history record and photo identification to trace offenders
  • Bar-and color-coded IDs
  • Visitor pre-registration module that emails a barcode to appointee
  • Real-time dashboard with spatial mapping and query capability

Business Benefits

  • Enhanced security with background check and controlled access.
  • Efficiency in monitoring attendance and filing statutory reports.
  • Reduction in expenditure through cost-effective ID generation.

Client Profile

The client is a Fortune 500 oil refining, exploration, and marketing company. The product portfolio of the refinery includes Petrochemical Feedstocks, Propane, High-speed Diesel, and Aviation Turbine Fuel, and specialty products such as Benzene, Toluene, and Mineral Turpentine Oil.

QBurst Solution

The cloud-based labor management system integrates attendance and biometric readers for real-time monitoring. The solution has several operation modules.

  • Home: Highlights individual tasks, sends reminders about contract/warranty expiry date, and helps track contactors.
  • Administration: Facilitates department-wise login, data backup, integration with backend, and rights management.
  • Definition: Allows addition of departments and district-wise dispensary details.
  • Contractors: Access details on jobs assigned, contract request/renewal, job listing/status, blacklist, and skill set.
  • Jobs: Checks job registration/allotment/clearance/extension/suspension/employee number; allows batchwise activation/deactivation.
  • Employees: Captures details such as ID/Pension/Insurance number, deduction, and recoveries; connects to attendance system.
  • Returns: Facilitates contract-wise return filing and automated computation of deduction/contribution.
  • Business Intelligence: Generates all statutory reports and exported reports based on accurate data.


  • SharePoint Server 2007
  • Search Server 2010
  • SQL Server