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Mobile and Web Application for Streaming Fitness Training Videos


Our client is a technology startup based in the United States.


Personal Wellness/Fitness


The mobile solution enables fitness trainers to live stream workouts and deliver sessions to users around the world.

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Business Requirement

The client wanted a mobile application that could leverage smartphone features to stream video content online. The proposed platform would serve as a community for fitness trainers and enthusiasts to drive user participation via live-streaming fitness workout sessions.

  • Create a platform for fitness trainers to stream and monetize workout sessions
  • Enable trainers to interact with clients in one-to-one workout sessions
  • Create a digital repository of workout sessions and different genres of trainings
  • Optimize features for uninterrupted streaming for slow connections

QBurst Solution

We developed a mobile solution using an industry-leading video streaming engine that supports a wide range of standard video streaming protocols. The application captures video from mobile devices before transcoding it on the cloud to deliver high-quality stream in multiple bitrates.

The intuitive UI and enhanced features of the application is well-suited for users (trainers, athletes and fitness enthusiasts) to produce, promote, and share live group classes and one-on-one sessions.

Business Benefits

  • Future-proof core architecture ensures sustainable business operations
  • Steady increase of over 23% in user engagement
  • Growing online community ensured customer aggregation and retention
  • Enhanced streaming technology ensured faster loading time by 50%

Key Features

  • Create profile and upload photos
  • View and manage schedules and reservation
  • Filter classes for a specific genre
  • Upload videos from device and iDrive
  • Follow trainers to get notifications for upcoming sessions
  • Save and manage live and purchased videos for future viewing
  • Check account balance
  • ‘Buy’ usable in-app promotional coins or ‘cash out’ gained coins
  • Filter to see classes for a specific workout type
  • Manage one-on-one sessions
  • Approve or deny a training request
  • Check status of scheduled session(s)
  • Share content and schedule via social media
  • Connect to online community


  • Xcode, iOS SDK
  • iOS Cocoa Framework
  • Objective-C
  • Wowza GoCoder SDK
  • Branch SDK
  • Facebook Integration
  • MapKit Framework
  • Python, Django
  • WebSocket
  • Wowza Streaming Cloud
  • Zoom SDK

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