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Presenting 3600 Realistic Representations of Products

Project Overview

QBurst developed a web application that helps website visitors get a 360‑degree view of products. These presentations (generated from prepared photos) allow users to fully rotate and zoom into items—in normal and full‑screen mode. The application has a rich user interface and a powerful admin panel.

Business Challenges

  • To create 3D imagery and transitions, the client had to rely on third‑party software such as Orbitvu. Such software solutions were expensive and led to considerable overheads during development.
  • The unavailability of similar software solutions was a major challenge. Most of the existing solutions were written in Flash and did not work on iOS.

Business Requirement

  • The client wanted an application that would generate visually enhanced presentations with 360° views of products.
  • The client wanted to replace the third-party software with this application to promote their business ventures.
  • The client required functionality that would enable registered users to create presentations and sell them through the application.

QBurst Solution

We created the web application using Symfony2 Framework, which is the ideal PHP framework to create presentations faster and in a more reliable way. These presentations introduce products using interactive and rotating photos to emphasize quality, functionality, and aesthetics. Registered users can add their own presentations or view public presentations. Presentations can be purchased or shared using PayPal and internal currency (loans). Users can download a presentation for use on their personal website, or view it locally on a computer. The admin panel is used for managing presentations, promotional coupons, newsletters, and banners.


We started working on sample presentations and the web application simultaneously. The next step was to connect the presentations to the application and create the user panel. The admin panel was then developed to provide full functionality of the system.

Symfony-based backend was used for routing. Doctrine was used for DB connection and data preparation. The frontend of the application was created in Twigs templates. All effects and UX improvement were done in jQuery and Bootstrap. These technologies along with CamanJS was used to enable selecting, changing (cut, apply brightness, contrast, and saturation filters), uploading images, and preparing packages to view and download.

The most challenging part of the project was creating the presentation. The presentation was developed using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery, and is supported on all modern tablets that allow detailed preview of presentations by touch navigation. Disqus was used for comments.

Client Profile

Based in Europe, our client produces sensory marketing commercial tools comprising product presentations, web videos, and packshots of their customers’ products. Since 2011, their young and creative team of photographers, designers, and programmers have been delivering creative solutions to improve the brand value and reputation of their customers.

Features and Functionality

  • The HTML5-based application works on all devices and features touch navigation.
  • Users can zoom, rotate, auto rotate, and view products in full screen.
  • Slow down feature makes it possible to slow down and finally stop a rotating presentation.
  • Users (authors) or administrator can make edits to pictures, category, name, description, swing speed, and direction of rotation.
  • Users can also Suggest Changes, Delete, Recommend, and Improve.
  • Banner advertising is used to display content added by administrator.
  • Search results can be filtered by manufacturer, time added, resolution, length, and cost.
  • Social plugins are added to enhance personalization and social impact.
  • PayPal integration is done to facilitate purchase of loans and payments.
  • TinyMce editor used as the WYSIWYG editor in the admin panel to enable editing.
  • Promotional coupons can be generated by the administrator for active users (coupons can be redeemed for credits instead of paying for them through PayPal).


  • PHP
  • Symfony2 Framework
  • MySQL
  • Doctrine
  • HTML5, CSS3
  • Ajax
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap

End Result

  • The client was able to cut costs and yet deliver quality, visually appealing resources to showcase products.
  • The high-quality presentations increased website traffic and improved sales.