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Athletic Score-Tracking App

Project Overview

QBurst developed a suite of mobile and web applications for storage, analysis, comparison, and sharing of athlete statistics. The core of the applications is the athletes’ performance statistics. We incorporated a social media feature to share this information. Sports enthusiasts such as coaches, fans, and competitors can also use the application to view information about an athlete.

Business Requirement

  • An online system that would provide an easy and efficient score tracking mechanism
  • Single solution for athletes and coaches to track and manage performance

QBurst Solution

We developed a solution comprising a web portal and a mobile application. Scores and related data are recorded by athletes, coaches, trainers, and fans. This data is then fed into the database and processed through proprietary algorithms that generate the athletes’ score. The progress of athletes can be tracked and compared with others using this score. With social media features integrated, the application helps connect and collaborate with athletes, coaches, teams, and sports organizations.

Main Features

  • Create, like, comment, and share posts such as text, videos, and images
  • Share statistics, view profile/scores of other athletes
  • Search for people, follow, and unfollow them
  • View a leaderboard that can be filtered based on different criteria
  • Send requests to update stats
  • Approve stats update requests from coaches or other athletes
  • Create groups among followers
  • Register and login using Facebook


The solution was built on top of Express Framework following the MVC pattern. Application logic is encapsulated in the data models, which are consumed by API server routes used by mobile application and the web server routes used by the web portal.

Templating is accomplished by EJS (Embedded JavaScript) view engine, which helps to create layouts, render views and partials as necessary.

The application is highly browser driven via AJAX. All the main pages are served by normal web requests, without duplicating the view code for AJAX and requests, by leveraging the EJS templating system. It also provides back button navigation for AJAX requests using pushState HTML5 features.

The application was launched with a focus on baseball; however, the app has feature additions to support other sports as well. MongoDB facilitates the migration process and associated schema changes with ease.

Client Profile

The client caters specifically to the sports community and provides a next-generation tool to help athletes capture evidence of their progress. Based in the USA, the client operates a cross-platform digital ecosystem with the athlete at its center. They are also associated with a proprietary Sports Intelligence Database.

Technical Highlights

  • CSRF middleware for XSS attack prevention
  • Redis session store integration for effective session handling
  • Performance based NoSQL design
  • Internationalization and localized date support
  • Integrated logging with different levels
  • Secure server support
  • Reusable presentation logic maintained with View Helpers
  • Custom migration framework to load fixtures and adapt database to schema changes


Server Side

  • Node.js
  • Express Framework
  • EJS Templating System
  • MongoDB
  • Redis Data Store
  • REST API Server

Client Side

  • jQuery
  • jQCrop


  • The solution we developed integrates talent management, player evaluation, and custom workout implementation, making it an invaluable tool for the sports community.
  • Social media integration enables sports enthusiasts to connect with each other and has significantly increased the app’s popularity.