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SharePoint Intranet Portal

Project Overview

An intranet portal that provides quick access to information within an enterprise plays an important role in enhancing employee productivity. Microsoft SharePoint offers one of the best intranet portal solutions with collaborative features and extensibility options. Our client’s existing SharePoint environment required substantial improvements. QBurst worked with the client to understand their business processes and identified areas where SharePoint could deliver benefits and improve ROI. We offered a solution that enabled individual departments and teams to work collaboratively, share and disseminate information, and automate business processes.

Business Requirements

  • Technical support and maintenance of SharePoint servers and sites
  • Consultancy and recommendations to maximize SharePoint potential
  • Development and support of existing and new SharePoint applications

QBurst Solution

  • Petrowall: An employee portal where employees can collaborate and share content.
  • Construction portal: A project-oriented portal which hosts sites for current projects. Each project site has several document libraries such as project plans, study reports, photos, workflows, and lists for task management and monitoring.
  • HR portal: A source for HR-related content and tools.

    In addition to support and enhancement of the above, we developed new portals such as Project Management Central, Invoice Processing System, Change Request Management System, IT Service Catalog/Department Portal, Catering Department Site, Learning Site for Rotordynamics, Auditing System, and Exception Tracker.

  • The Invoice Processing System (IPS)  is used to manage vendor invoices. The core component of the system is a custom-developed collaborative workflow for invoice approval. This framework is integrated with the client’s line-of-business ERP system. The invoices are generated from the ERP system and then passed on to the IPS for further approval and processing. The final result is updated back in the LOB application.

Business Benefits

  • Exchange of information between users was made easy and secure.
  • Central logistics information entry and streamlined process reduced bottlenecks.
  • Response time of ad hoc report requests as well as effort required for report generation were significantly reduced.
  • Dependence on IT and operational costs were also reduced.

Client Profile

Our client provides tailored energy services across the entire spectrum of the oil and gas asset life cycle. Their diverse customer base comprises national, international, and integrated oil companies. The global enterprise has been listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 index.

Key Features

  • Centralized administrative user interface that allows easy content/security management
  • Large document repository and content with multi-level security and enterprise search capabilities
  • Custom workflow solution with
    • project-based distribution groups as participants
    • task escalation, delegation, and progress monitoring
    • periodic reminders
    • metadata-driven security
  • Bi-directional integration with line-of-business applications.


  • SharePoint Server 2010
  • JSOM, JavaScript, jQuery
  • C#
  • Web Services
  • Silverlight
  • Infopath 2010