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Achieving a Seamless Migration from SharePoint 2010 to Office 365


Our client offers recruitment and expatriation services to companies and individuals across the globe. They provide services across sectors such as aeronautics, defense, energy, oil and gas, and telecommunication.


Recruitment and Consulting Services


To reduce infrastructure dependence and maintenance, the client wanted to migrate to SharePoint Online. The new portal would provide the same functionalities as the on-premises site with certain enhancements. The client’s intranet comprised four subsites—Human Resources, Recruitment, Business, and Collaboration.

QBurst developed an HR management module on Office 365 with added functionalities and migrated data from business sites to cloud. The entire project was completed without any disruption to day-to-day operations. The client realized the immediate benefits of using Office 365, Microsoft’s latest and most advanced document management system.

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Business Requirement

  • SharePoint Online portal to manage the Human Resources module including employee profile and employee-related documents
  • Migration of existing data from SharePoint on-premises to SharePoint Online

QBurst Solution

We developed a solution to manage employee profiles and related documents such as contracts, bonus letters, and other requests. Utilizing Sharegate, we migrated all data including version history from on-premises to cloud. Customized SharePoint Designer Forms helped to retain the existing look and feel.

We simplified the approval process of employee-related documents which was very time-consuming. The process of deactivating employee profile based on the relieving date was automated. This included archiving multiple documents at a time. The number of records in the existing system was more than the threshold limit of 5000 records. This required creation of multiple views with year-wise display of records.

SharePoint Designer workflows were utilized for sending email notifications to approver and payroll team. Data from other business subsites was migrated, along with archived documents, from old system to new portal. To achieve this a separate staging environment had to be created, as data in the existing system needed cleaning up.

Benefits and Value Provided

The transition to Office 365 was completed on schedule and produced the anticipated results.

  • Enhanced data integrity and effectiveness
  • Reduced costs in saving for licensing, maintenance, and administration expenses
  • Increased efficiency and visibility for managers, HR, and legal via SharePoint’s notifications and dashboard

Key Features

  • Customizable Quick Launch section for frequently accessed links
  • Document search functionality using Employee ID (drop-down)
  • Role-based notifications to users
  • Auto-population of fields based on uploaded document type
  • Auto-archival of documents

Technologies and Tools

  • Microsoft SharePoint Online
  • jQuery
  • SharePoint Custom Forms
  • SharePoint Designer
  • Sharegate

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