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Social Media Analytics Solution

Project Overview

Entering a market already covered by established players such as MTN and Vodacom, our client’s entry into Africa was rife with speculation. Faced with weak infrastructure and high operational costs, the telecom giant struggled to stabilize and brand themselves in the African subcontinent.

Although social media channels were used to address customer grievances, and promote offers, evaluating effectiveness of customer service and marketing efforts remained a challenge. SecondSight Analytics helped to identify, analyze, and interpret social interactions, which significantly improved customer service.

Business Requirement

  • Get to know customer sentiments/perceptions
  • Monitor changes in sentiment trends
  • Identify key influencers
  • Track trending topics
  • Evaluate competitor activities on social media

Taking into consideration our experience in social media analytics, the client approached us for a solution.

QBurst Solution

Initially, we took care of research, analytics, and reporting manually. Once the process was streamlined, functionalities that deliver custom analytics were built into the tool. These reports are accessible to all operational heads in the telecom company. The fully automated tool is an NLP-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. It has a user-friendly dashboard and delivers insightful charts with real-time analytics.

Business Benefits

  • The ability to monitor social conversations and deliver improved customer service led to a significant change in brand perception.
  • Insights from analytics reports helped to redefine marketing strategies.
  • Faster complaint resolution and personalized promotional campaigns contributed to growth of customer base and word-of-mouth marketing.
  • Results helped in formulating strategies to manage key influencers.
  • The management can now discover hot topics associated with the brand and engage customers by initiating discussions.
  • The tool acts as an early warning system for customer service managers/decision-makers, alerting them about high-level sentiment trends—particularly negative mentions.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading global telecommunications company with operations in 20 countries across Asia and Africa. Ranking among the top four mobile service providers globally in terms of subscribers, our client provides GSM network services across Africa.

Key Features

  • In-depth analysis capturing real sentiments in context
  • Unique blend of algorithms and human judgment to ensure accuracy in analytics
  • Near real-time feedback that helps in better decision making
  • Customizable reports


  • Python
  • Tableau for visualization
  • Apache Flume for data ingress
  • Support Vector Machines (SVM) for sentiment analysis
  • HBase as a columnar database