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Taxi Booking App

Project Overview

The goal of the project was to build an efficient app for booking taxis that gives greater control to passengers and taxi drivers. The client planned to distribute free mobile devices fitted with the driver's application to cab drivers along with training to use the software. City travelers could use the app to make the commute convenient and easy. QBurst helped the client develop an innovative taxi-booking app that significantly reduced the time and expense involved in hiring a taxi.

Business Challenge

  • Inefficient and poor quality of service

    Conventional taxi booking systems deliver poor service. When customers contact dispatch centers, they have to wait in a queue with no guarantee of a pick-up and often end up repeating the entire booking process.

  • Non-scientific or irrational allocation of jobs

    The current booking system is managed by individual agencies having a certain number of taxi drivers registered with them. These companies often allocate jobs without considering the location of the driver or customer.

  • Lack of proper communication

    At times dispatch centers fail to inform waiting customers about cancellations. Drivers are also often not informed when passengers cancel the trip.

QBurst Solution

QBurst developed an application suite that includes

  • Driver app - iPhone and Android
  • Passenger app - iPhone and Android
  • Server side - JSON web services catering all applications

Application Features

  • General
    • iSMP Docking offering smart mobility payment on Android and iPhone
    • First of its kind EMV Chip and Pin Secure mobility solution
    • Integration of database in mobile application
    • Chat option for passengers and drivers
    • GPS for locating taxis near user location and showing pickup status in map view.
  • Passenger
    • Passengers can hail a taxi, set an optional response time, and place bids for a guaranteed prompt pickup
    • Passengers get real-time updates on the driver's location
    • App asks for confirmation of pickup after passengers board the taxi
  • Driver
    • Drivers can either accept or decline a job
    • Drivers are shown as ‘busy’ when they decline a job
    • Cancellations by passengers are immediately reported to drivers and vice versa

Client Profile

Our client is recognized as a pioneer in providing technology-driven solutions for the travel industry. They currently work with over 20 percent of taxi drivers in the region and are geared up for nationwide expansion.

Business Requirement

The client wanted a solution for iPhone and Android platforms that offered:

  • A direct connection between the passengers and drivers
  • Payment integration to simplify city travel
  • Safe payment function that keeps credit card details private
  • The ability to view the progress of drivers
  • Job assignation to nearest available taxi, irrespective of its company
  • Bidding option for users to guarantee a pickup response
  • Chat option for drivers and passengers to quickly update each other on status


  • iOS SDK
  • Android SDK
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • Java Web Service
  • SSL


  • Only authorized and licensed drivers, who meet strict transport legislative requirements, are enlisted.
  • Unreliable customers are blocked, ensuring only genuine passengers are picked up.
  • GPS-based location determination makes coordination easier for drivers and travelers.
  • Drivers stand better chances of getting jobs as allocations are agency-independent.
  • Ability to track progress of the taxi helps meet customer expectations.