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Improving Parent Engagement with a Multi-Platform Mobile Solution


Educational software service provider




This case study highlights accelerated cross platform mobile application development using Oracle MAF and Oracle Mobile Cloud Service—the two latest Oracle technologies. QBurst developed the application in record time with just a single code platform for iOS, Android, and browser-based development.

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Business Requirements

Our client wanted to develop a mobile application that facilitates communication and collaboration between parents and faculty.

  • A digital solution to notify parents about student performance, upcoming events, and activities
  • A solution that provides quick access to student details on-the-go
  • An analytic platform to monitor usage of the application

QBurst Solution

The application was developed for iOS, Android, and Windows devices with a login feature for parents and school faculty. From the homepage, users can navigate to activities, events, gallery, performance reports and more. Faculty users can update information on these pages, while admin users can monitor usage (analytics), notifications, and security issues in the mobile cloud instance.

Mobile Application Framework

We recommended Oracle MAF due to its interoperability, rich user experience, device services integration, and built-in security. From a development perspective Oracle MAF accelerates mobile application development with a single Java codebase that caters to multiple mobile OSs.

  • Offline support using encrypted SQLite
  • Built-in security for authentication, authorization, and encryption support
  • Extension of existing enterprise applications to mobile


  • Reduced development costs by 32% with accelerated development leading to quicker time-to-market
  • Helped to strengthen client’s capabilities in Oracle-based mobile application development, adding new wings to the company’s offerings
  • Independently managed subsequent deployments at various K-12 schools and educational institutions with minimal customization effort.

Key Features

  • Highly secure Oauth2 authentication for login
  • Notifications for activities, events, and gallery updates
  • Feature rich home page with navigation feature
  • Easy access to school media gallery
  • Enhanced student search feature
  • Responsive student performance report using enhanced data visualization components
  • Push notification support to ensure content is up-to-date
  • Google Maps for tracking event location


  • Oracle Mobile Application Framework (MAF)
  • Oracle Mobile Cloud Service (MCS)
  • Android SDK
  • iOS SDK
  • SQLite
  • Google Maps API

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