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Insights from Your Social Media Pages

Social networking websites are not just marketing tools for companies, they are sources of information, very relevant for company’s growth. Customers and prospects share comments, feedback, suggestions and complaints by expressing their feelings on social media pages. Social Media Analysis is centered on analyzing this information and presenting it meaningfully to the right people. At QBurst, we use a semi-automated method to analyze social media pages and gather insights from them. Our methodology uses text mining, automatic categorization and sentiment analysis technologies combined with human intelligence where needed. Reports are customized to requirement and can be delivered on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

What Insights Do We offer?

Facebook and Twitter own 70% of social media space. Even though our services are focused on these two dominant players, our analysts have the expertise to work on numerous other niche networks and forums.

Opinion Mining

Opinion Mining

We drill down conversations on your social media pages and categorize them into meaningful topics. We analyze the opinions of your followers and fans giving you the complete picture of what people talk and how they perceive your brand on your social media pages.

Brand Monitoring

Brand Monitoring

The true value of your brand is known by comparing with leaders in the market. That’s why we monitor all competing brands on social media, review websites and portals that compare businesses.

Sentiment Detection

Sentiment Detection

Sentiments are the feelings behind conversations. Combining machine and human intelligence, we are able to understand the sentimental inclinations of conversations on your social media pages.

Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

We also compare your social media insights with data from previous reports. Trend Analysis helps to understand the surge and decline in the number of conversations and sentiments, after important announcements, product launches and marketing initiatives.

Our Approach

Aware of the analytical limitations of technology and the excess time consumed by mere human effort, we designed a semi-automated tool that utilizes the speed of technology and the analytical skills of the human mind.

QBurst Solution Arrow

Automated Tool Human Intelligence

In-House Tool

Our in-house tool aggregates your social media feeds and stores them in our servers. This enables analysts to work on individual conversations through the tool’s custom designed interface. The tool does the initial categorization and sentiment analysis using text mining algorithms.

Human Intelligence

Machines do a poor job of understanding context and sarcastic comments. So our analysts manually recheck the categorizations and analyze conversations on social media. They read through the statements and sort them into custom-created categories. After analysis, final report with charts, graphs and tables is prepared.

How Do You Benefit?

icon Understand customer sentiments

icon Know customer interests and expectations

icon Compare with competitors’ social media activity

icon Perform brand evaluation

icon Find out key issues

icon Identify key influencers

icon Manage social media channels efficiently