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Node.js Applications

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Node.js is a developer platform built on Google’s V8 JavaScript engine. It aggregates the qualities of other server-side languages to produce an irresistible package that is also modular, accessible, and concise.

Real-time, High Performance Apps

Node.js is a good choice for applications that require real time communication between users, clients, and servers across the web. It can power the back-end of real-time collaboration software and easily scale up to support very large number of users.

Non-blocking Input/Output

Real-time communication requires fast, non-blocking input/output (I/O). In Node.js, the non-blocking I/O is based on an event loop and uses asynchronous callbacks for I/O. All I/O intensive tasks are passed to this event loop which efficiently manages asynchronous operations. This non-blocking programming model allows you to work with network traffic with a lower server footprint.

Node.js Development at QBurst

AppJS is a software development kit that we utilize to build cross-platform desktop applications using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. With Node.js at its core, AppJS acts as a simple but powerful tool to build applications for Linux, Windows, and Mac. Mobile apps developed using Node include applications for social networking and sending greeting cards.

Use Node.js for

  • Lightweight REST/JSON APIs
  • AJAX-heavy single page apps
  • Scalable network applications
  • Enterprise-connected backends to mobile applications

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Featured Apps

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