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Rapid Development with Python - Django

With rapid development and prototyping techniques, Python lets you build and integrate multiple systems efficiently. Be it for complex websites or web services acting as the backend for iOS and Android apps, we often use Python because the bundled Django admin provides a powerful tool for data manipulation.

Solutions We've Built

  • Visitor tracking and website statistics
  • Content management systems
  • Salesforce automation
  • Business intelligence software
  • Credit card processing
  • Field order tracking
  • Product catalogs
  • Backend administration panels
  • Integrated search, polls, and surveys
  • Social networking portals

Django Framework

Django is a Python web framework that provides a strong foundation to develop apps with minimal coding. It aims to automate as many processes as possible and comes bundled with a number of applications including a flexible commenting system and tools for generating RSS feeds, Google sitemaps and such. Designed to handle rapid development, Django lets you build complex, database-driven websites real quick.

Why Choose Django

  • Reusable and pluggable components
  • Rapid application development
  • Adherence to DRY (Don’t Rewrite Yourself) principle
  • Ease of maintenance

Featured Apps

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