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Open source and free, LAMP stack is a popular platform for building and hosting web applications. Find out if this is the right platform for you. Get in touch to discuss in detail.


The base layer for your application. If you prefer Windows operating system, we build on WAMP stack too.


A major advantage is the support for virtual hosting—a single Apache web server instance can support multiple websites.


An open source relational database, MySQL is reliable, scalable, as well as simple to administer. It supports a variety of storage engines and so we choose based on the application needs.


QBurst has experience with most of the PHP frameworks such as CodeIgniter, Symfony, Zend, and CakePHP. Content management systems such as Drupal and WordPress are also built on PHP.

Featured Apps

Hotel Software

Home Decor Catalog

Online platform for home furnishing items with a rich collection of resources such as design guidance, communication tools, and file storage for designs created.

Redmine Plugin

Business Process Integration for an ISP

Feature development and maintenance of a software system that manages client’s internal processes.

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