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Online Ticket Reservation System for Public Transport Company


One of the oldest state-owned road transport companies in India with a fleet of 7000 buses. The fleet transports over 3.5 million passengers, covering around two million kilometres everyday.




The solution comprises a customer-facing web application and a mobile application to facilitate online bus ticket booking. The admin portal helps to generate reports, update trip data, and manage ticket quota for offline counters and franchisees.

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Business Challenges

Offline ticket booking presents several challenges not only to passengers, but also to the transport company. As the fleet size and number of passengers increased over time, the manual process of issuing tickets became cumbersome. The transport company lacked a consolidated view on the state of affairs such as seat utilization, staff rostering, routing and scheduling, and revenue projection.

  • Inefficiency of the paper-based, over-the-counter ticketing process
  • Inability to update seat availability and reservation-related enquiries
  • Passengers do not have access to updated information on bus schedules and seat availability
  • Location constraints; difficulty in accessing services beyond business hours

QBurst Solution

The solution manages key processes associated with online booking such as scheduling, ticket sales, payments, and report generation.

The web-based solution consists of two modules:

Customer-Facing Web and Mobile Application with a Ticket Booking Engine: This enables passengers to check seat availability and purchase bus tickets online. Passengers can either install the application on their mobile devices or use the web application to book tickets.

Administration Module: The web interface is used to verify registered users and perform back office activities such as updating bus schedules, assigning ticket quotas, and generating reports.

Business Benefits

  • Significant reduction in queue lines during rush hour
  • Valuable insights and analytics on passenger traffic and revenue generation
  • Passenger log evaluation helped improve service quality
  • Enhanced customer service increased seat occupancy by 60%
  • Real-time ticket allocation prevented duplicate bookings and overselling
  • Increased revenue flow due to improved seat occupancy

Key Features

  • Administration Portal
    • User management
    • Authentication and authorization
    • Fare management
    • Payment gateway management
    • Report generation
    • Franchise creation
  • Customer-Facing Web and Mobile Application
    • User registration
    • Visual calendar for seat availability
    • Book/modify/cancel tickets
    • Manage account and notifications
    • Online support and feedback options
    • Social media integration


  • ReactJS
  • Aphrodite
  • iOS SDK
  • Python
  • Postgres
  • Redux
  • Material UI
  • Android SDK
  • Django
  • Elasticsearch

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