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Adobe® Integrated Runtime


Adobe® Integrated Runtime or Adobe® AIR® is a cross-platform runtime environment for building rich internet applications. It has evolved beyond its original goal of being a platform for desktop applications to support app development across multiple platforms including desktop and mobile. The runtime environment allows applications to be built using Adobe Flash, Apache Flex, HTML and AJAX. AIR supports rich application on mobile operating systems such as iOS, Android and BlackBerry Tablet OS.

  • Deliver across multiple platforms from a single codebase
  • Run as standalone apps outside the browser
  • Reach broader audience with consistent quality
  • Create powerful brand experience using rich media
  • Streamline development and enable greater performance
  • Ensure trustworthy installation

Desktop Apps Using AIR

The AIR runtime allows designers and developers to create desktop applications using their existing web development skills. Using Flash or HTML, developers can build applications that run exactly the same on Windows and Mac. Once your app is built, the AIR file can be distributed to users to install anywhere as they please. Your app will run provided they have AIR runtime installed on that system. If not, they will be prompted to do so during the app installation, providing a smooth user experience.

Mobile Apps Using AIR

AIR applications on mobile devices are deployed as native applications. They use the application format of the device instead of the AIR file format. AIR supports Android APK packages, iOS IPA packages and BlackBerry Tablet OS. Once you have the release version of your application package, you can distribute the app through the standard platform mechanism. For Android, this means the Android Market; for iOS, the Apple App Store and for BlackBerry, BlackBerry World.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • BlackBerry Tablet

Featured App

Games for Kinect

An engaging game played using the Microsoft Kinect. Developed in Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), the app utilizes motion sensing and touch screen technologies to make the game interesting and interactive