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Mobile Banking Application Development for a Leading Bank in South America

Project Overview

A major bank in Puerto Rico sought to establish market leadership by offering its services to mobile savvy customers. We developed a user-friendly mobile banking application that complemented the online banking services, saving time and effort. By going mobile, the client significantly enhanced customer service.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading bank in Puerto Rico with a large presence in the United States, where they have established a community banking franchise, providing a broad range of financial services and products.


  • Access account balances and statements
  • Make P2P money transfers
  • Access payment and transfer history
  • View and pay bills; manage auto pay of utility bills
  • Access real time balances via notification widget
  • Locate nearby ATMs and branches
  • Make safe and secure transactions via 128-bit encryption
  • Personalize UI with custom images
  • Interact in English or Spanish
Mobile Banking App

QBurst Solution

We developed a mobile banking solution that enables registered users to avail many, if not all, of the services offered through the website or branch.

The full-service application integrates with the core banking system to provide an omni-channel customer experience to meet the current and future needs of the bank. It helps the bank to add and manage new services without significant development effort and delivers personalized notifications based on various account parameters.

The solution offers rich functionality and scalability by securely and seamlessly repurposing third-party applications and databases.The built-in mobile wallet, for instance, can be used for P2P transactions. The application uses ingenious workflows and functions to optimize data consumption.


  • Android Development Tools
  • Eclipse IDE
  • Android Support Library
  • BugSense
  • Google Maps Android API v2
  • Google Play Services SDK
  • Flurry