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GoFish Card Games

Project Overview

Apple Game Center is one of the best platforms to buy and sell mobile games. The store is known for its powerful development tools, reach and revenue. iPhone, on the other hand, is known for its awesome multi-touch options. A successful game can change the fortune of a company. QBurst developed a card game for iPMCG and published two versions of the game to the Apple Game Center.

GoFish Apps

QBurst developed two GoFish games for iPMCG. The game that was recently published to the App Store has a multiplayer feature which enables more than one human to play the game at the same time. In the earlier single player game, the computer plays on behalf of all opponents. Both games have the rest of the features in common. They are compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Other common features are:

  • Social Sharing
  • Leaderboard
  • Friendly Interface
  • Dynamic Scorecard
  • Lively Background Music
  • Help Section

The Making

The games are single window applications. The multiplayer game uses a logic that was built in-house. QBurst developed the games in XCode interface using core frameworks in Cocoa Touch layer. These frameworks - UI kit, Core Graphics and Foundation were used in the development of the game for designing the user interface and creating basic animations. Facebook sharing integrates social media with the game. This integration was accomplished by Facebook Connect APIs.

End Result

GoFish is a success to iPMCG. The multi-player and single player games are published and sold in Apple Game Center at $1.99 and $0.99 respectively. iPhone users across the world download and play GoFish games. The games also have good ratings in the Game Center (4+ out of 5).

Go Fish App Go Fish App


  • Multiplayer Game
  • Facebook Sharing


  • Facebook Connect
  • Apple Game Center
  • XCode IDE
  • Objective C