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Video Streaming App

Project Overview

Netstreams is a mobile app developed by QBurst for Net Solutions Pvt Ltd. The app is made exclusively for iPhones. It identifies the geographical location of the user and streams TV channels in Quicktime media player. Netstreams app performs a triple validation process before allowing the user to watch videos. The app is published in the Apple App store and serves the Maldivian community around the world.

Client is a web startup by Net Solutions, a Maldivian company. The startup provides online streaming of local Maldivian TV and Radio channels specifically for Maldivians. offers various subscription plans for users to register and watch videos on demand.

Engaging QBurst

With the online initiative picking up, Net Solutions was looking to widen the reach of by extending the video streaming service to the smartphone market. NetSolutions approached QBurst for an iPhone app that would mimic the functionalities of and work based on the geographical location of the iPhone user.

The Product

The app developed by QBurst, for NetSolutions, is a navigation controlled application that comes in two versions. The first version is free and is for Maldivian residents; the second version, intended for non-Maldivian residents, requires a subscription. When someone registers for the application through an iPhone, the device identifier number of the iPhone gets locked to the user. The app is also smart enough to identify the location of the user and offer only corresponding subscription plans for the user to choose from.

Whenever a registered user attempts to log in, Netstream app validates the user, the iphone and the geographical location of the user. The validation process makes use of MySQL database. If the authentication succeeds, the home screen appears. Home screens are customized for users based on their subscription plan and physical location. It contains links to channel screens that contain videos for the user to watch.

Netstream app has a web control panel where the user can customize the iOS application. The user can manage channels to which he has already subscribed or change the device identifier details, in case he wants to use a new iPhone.


NetSolutions continues to serve the Maldivian community, around the world, through the most used communication tools and by leveraging latest technological features.



Netstream iPhone app is developed in the XCode environment using Cocoa Touch layer. The Cocoa Touch layer defines the core frameworks necessary to create iPhone apps. UI kit, Core Graphics and Foundation are the core frameworks used to implement the functionalities of the app. These frameworks were used to design the user interface and manage input/output of the application. The location of the user is identified using the IP information and video is streamed in Quicktime player using MPMediaPlayer framework.


  • Video On Demand
  • iPhone Video Streaming
  • Triple Validation Process
  • Location-based Service


  • Objective C
  • PHP
  • MPMediaPlayer
  • MySQL