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NFC Payment App

Project Overview

The NFC Payment App provides a new and innovative shopping experience, allowing shoppers to pay for services and goods with their mobile devices. The application is developed for a construction company which is venturing into a different line of business with one of the latest technologies.

Leveraging near field communication technology, we built a mobile application that allows merchants and shoppers easily conduct secure payment transactions. The application was developed for Android platform.

Business Requirement

When the client decided to enter the mobile app market, they wanted to offer something that was both innovative and useful. What they had in mind was a quick and easy payment solution that allows smartphone users to pay for services and goods with their mobile devices. They approached QBurst to build the solution for Android users.

Our Solution

QBurst mobile app development team came up with a closed payment system that leverages NFC technology. The system uses NFC tags if a merchant/user does not have an NFC enabled phone.

The system has two interfaces - Terminal app for merchants and Cash app for shoppers. Users or shoppers use the NFC-enabled Cash app to pay merchants and to send/request money to another user. The Terminal app is for merchants to handle transactions with users. Both apps make use of NFC to make "private" transfers between two users and secured internet connection to transfer data between system and application. The shopper app also uses GPS to locate merchants on map. A Terminal app can accept transfers using a secured internet connection and NFC. Integration with swipe devices allows the terminal app to read credit card data for transfers.

With the Cash - shopper app, users can:

  • Pay merchants and transfer or request money from other users.
  • Accept incoming request from other users and merchants.
  • View balance and transaction history.
  • Search for participating merchants near user’s current location.
  • Enjoy additional features like coupons, discounts, etc.
  • Search for near deals broadcasted by merchants.
NFC Payment App


  • NFC payment system
  • Square and UniMag integration
  • GPS enabled merchant search
  • Different interfaces for shoppers and merchants

Business Benefits

NFC is still new and QBurst helps the client leverage this emerging technology ahead of competitors. The cash app provides a convenient way for smartphone users to conduct payment transactions. By charging users for every transaction proceeded through the app, the client ensures a return on their investment.