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Optimizing Healthcare Delivery with Pharmacy Applications

Project Overview

The pharmacy application consists of two main applications—one of which is used by patients, and the other, by pharmacies.

The first component is a mobile application that can be downloaded from app stores and used by customers/patients. The application focuses on patients and contains medical information and support content from UK’s leading independent health site, and also offers articles on health and well-being.

The second component is a web application that allows pharmacies to deliver content to the customer’s/patient’s mobile application. A systray application for Windows was also incorporated in the web application.

Client Profile

The client is a leading software and services provider that developed UK’s most widely used community pharmacy software. They offer pharmacists software connectivity across pharmacy and electronic point of sale (EPoS) systems. Our client aims to enhance the role of pharmacies in patient care with innovative products.

Business Requirement

  • A tool to help patients manage and reorder medication.
  • An application to help pharmacies push marketing material, offers, and alerts to their customer base.


    For patients:
  • Reorder prescription drugs from the nominated pharmacy securely using their mobile device and review history of all repeated medications
  • Set reminders about medication that needs to be taken based on the prescription and dosage
  • Track the status of their order through notifications from the pharmacy
  • Get information about various health conditions
  • View information about a pharmacy as well its location on a map
  • Easily locate local health services such as GPs, dentists, and opticians
    For Pharmacies:
  • Push marketing material, promotional offers, and alerts to their customers
  • Capture nominations for Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)
  • Customize the application and update details such as name, address, opening hours, and services offered
mobile app

Our Solution

We built an application that allows patients to securely reorder their medication from their smartphones and view order status. The app helps patients explore over-the-counter offers and services provided by pharmacies. Patients can also get information on other health services within their location.

The app can be used by a standalone pharmacy or a chain of pharmacies . We incorporated a pharmacy branding feature that enables pharmacies to customize the application as per the requirements of their brand. Pharmacies can add their logo and include elements that relate to their brand.


We developed the mobile applications for Android and iOS operating systems, as well as a systray application for Microsoft Windows to enable pharmacists to receive notifications on new orders/registrations.

Pharmacies can access the system from a web page that was built using Python and Django. For notifications, we used web services for Windows client and push notification services provided by Google and Apple for mobile. We used PostgreSQL as the database along with Pgpool for load balancing.


  • Objective C for iOS
  • Java for Android
  • C# for Systray application
  • PostgreSQL and Pgpool
  • Django
  • JavaScript
  • Nginx
  • Sentry for monitoring