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Mobile App to Locate Restaurants

Client Profile

The client is a company based in California that offers Point of Sale (POS) systems and software solutions to help retail businesses grow in line with technological advances. They provide an open platform that helps developers create custom apps based on the specific needs of businesses such as inventory, scheduling, and loyalty programs.

Business Requirement

The client wanted us to build an app that could list restaurants in and around California. The app would help users find, view deals, and place orders at these restaurants.

The App

QBurst developed this app for iPhone users. The application helps users find restaurants, check in, and place orders using their credit cards. It utilizes GPS to locate restaurants in an area. Users can also use social media channels to check in to any of the restaurants’ networks.


  • On-the-go ordering at favorite restaurants for pickup or delivery
  • Dedicated tab to facilitate credit card orders
  • Re-order button that keeps favorite foods just a tap away
  • Up-to-date restaurant menus
  • Loyalty program with push notification integration for frequent visitors
  • Automatic check-in which informs restaurants when a customer is in the house
  • Updates to users’ friend circle about most visited restaurants along with reviews
  • Detailed order and check-in history
  • Social network integration with Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Google Latitude
mobile app


  • The app garnered wide publicity bringing in a lot of inquiries and subscribe requests from restaurants in Redwood City and Mountain View area.
  • The app received over 30 reviews and a 4+ rating on iTunes.
  • The loyalty programs brought in a large number of customers and consequently increased sales.
  • The app provided a unique, practical, and cost-effective way to advertise new cuisines and dishes.


  • iPhone SDK 4.2
  • Push Notifications
  • Objective C
  • Maps and GPS