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Employee Self-Learning Portal

Project Overview

Many organizations have embraced Moodle as their Learning Management System (LMS) of choice due to the many benefits it offers in terms of flexibility, scalability, and usability. QBurst leveraged Moodle’s open source functionalities to develop a self-learning portal for its employees. Various interactive elements were incorporated to help bridge from a learning experience into real world application.

Client Profile

QBurst is a global software solutions and consulting company with offices spread across the world. The company focuses on new-generation technology platforms, offering services in mobile and web development, user experience, design, testing, big data, cloud-based solutions, social media analytics, and IT infrastructure management.

QBurst Solution

Our self-paced learning portal utilizes Moodle’s open source platform to deliver various technical and soft skill courses. The portal offers simple pages with text, as well as complex functionalities that foster learning through interaction. Game elements along with a reward and grading system were incorporated to induce participation. Push/pull APIs were built to connect with the company's intranet portal, integrating data from the learning portal with existing applications; for example, employee evaluation.

All available courses are listed on the home page with a navigation block that appears on every page. Courses are offered at beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Users can view their attempted courses and activities/resources available in that section. ‘Latest Courses’ lists the recent additions. ‘Site Pages’ and ‘Workflow’ helps view all resources within the site and the selected courses with associated tasks.

Employee Self-Learning Portal


  • OpenID authentication for easier login.
  • Personalized dashboard to view enrolled and completed courses.
  • Audio and video content with links to videos hosted on YouTube.


  • Moodle
  • PHP
  • MySQL