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Creating Custom Trench Coats

Project Overview

The iPad app enables users to customize and view trench coats dynamically.

With fashion retailers realizing the potential of ‘mass customization’—where everyday customers can buy products specially created to their tastes—the client wanted to explore new ways to engage customers.

Mass production has made even premium apparel accessible to the masses, resulting in more people looking for bespoke fashion to stand out from the crowd. The iPad application responds to this market trend while offering a new level of interactivity.

Even aspirational buyers can create their own personalized coats, resulting in greater brand participation. The application positively influences brand perception and increases its social media coverage.

Client Profile

The company, headquartered in London, is a global luxury fashion brand that sells garments, fashion accessories, fragrances, cosmetics, and sunglasses. The company has branded stores and franchises around the globe and also tie-ups with third-party stores.

QBurst Solution

We developed an iPad app that allows dynamic customization of trench coats. Users can design their own trench coats by choosing from a variety of options such as size, fabric, color, sleeve, and lining.

The application offers approximately 12 million combinations in trench coats for men and women. To maintain the high standards set by the brand, the application removes undesirable combinations automatically. While creating trench coats, customers can click a button to dial a 24-hour helpdesk or get support via instant messaging.

During the dynamic selection process, users can view their designs from multiple angles to get a better perspective. They can also zoom in or view the design in full-screen. A custom grid-view interface improves the user experience and aesthetic appeal of the application.

App for Trench Coat Customization


  • Virtual try-on
  • Color change and accessories options
  • Save-to-favorites and share features
  • Option to order a custom coat
  • Videos containing information on fabrics
  • Custom grid-view and dequeue function


  • iOS
  • Core Data
  • Accelerometer
  • Facebook API
  • JSON Web Service